Who Should be Sacked, Mr. Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister has publicly claimed that he and his senior cabinet colleagues were unaware of the CBI raid against DMK leader MK Stalin. The CBI has stated: “The operation was strictly in accordance with procedure.” The CBI functions under the Prime Minister. It is directly overlooked by Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) V Narayanasamy.

According to set procedure before the CBI can launch investigation, order prosecution or conduct a raid against a public official it must obtain sanction from the cabinet.

Governance based on brazen contradictions raises fundamental questions about the future of this nation.

In other words if the CBI is not lying it must have informed at least Mr. Narayanasamy about the decision to raid Mr. Stalin. The importance of the individual raided would make it imperative that clearance for sanction should have been granted after due consideration at the highest level.

However the PM and FM have both professed ignorance about the decision to conduct the raid. The CBI has stated that due procedure was observed. According to media reports Mr. Narayanasamy sought facts of the case from CBI Director Mr. Ranjit Sinha and conveyed these to the DMK leaders.

Does that imply that before seeking information from Mr. Sinha about the case Mr. Narayanasamy was unaware of details pertaining to a raid against such an important leader? Does it mean that Mr. Sinha did not seek his sanction before conducting the raid?

If the CBI has lied about observing due procedures Mr. Ranjit Sinha must be dismissed.

If CBI spoke the truth Mr. Narayanasamy must inform the public why he did not inform the cabinet about the decision to conduct a raid against an important leader. Did he take a singular decision or was he directed by any extra-constitutional authority? If he granted sanction for the raid without informing the cabinet he must be dismissed. If he informed the cabinet the PM as well as Mr. Chidambaram was privy to the decision on the raid and their disclaimer about knowledge of the raid is a lie.

The public has the right to know who is speaking the truth and who is lying. The public has the right to know who is accountable and deserves dismissal.

Mr. Ranjit Sinha, Mr. Narayanasamy or the Prime Minister must resign.

Governance based on such brazen contradictions raises fundamental questions about the future of this nation.

It raises questions about who in truth is charting this nation’s future.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Puri Sahib:

I don't know anything about the details of this mess in India as I have been living abroad for 5 decades plus years. I read about what is happening in Mother India and get disgusted by the moral rot and filth that has pervaded in the political circles and also in the very society.

That is why I asked if you have a point of view on this matter.!!

25-Mar-2013 21:13 PM

Comment So please understand the silence tacitly indicates the Congress leaders, BJP leaders, media and a sizeable percentage of Indian population are also the beneficiary of such mess...this nation is the most contradictory, illogical and hypocritical one in the entire globe in the name of highly cultured, god fearing and philosophical society!

Devavratan Kaundinya
24-Mar-2013 12:36 PM

Comment Mr. Kamath, I went by facts to present an argument on the CBI' Stalin raid issue. It is for reders to drw their conclusions on the basis of incontrovertible facts.As about naming the "person who should be held responsible" if you are suggesting Mrs. Sonia Gandhi you are both wasting your time and betraying your ignorance about my recorded views. I have repeatedly challenged Sonia Gandhi to rebut having an illegal foreign bank account and of having received illegal funds from the KJB. I have questioned her role in various scams. I have repeatedly criticized the present arrangement between Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh as being unconstitutional and unworkable. But why do many people (perhaps including yourself) hold her responsible for the mess? She is a huge beneficiary of the mess. The people responsible for it are Congress leaders, BJP leaders and newspaper readers who refuse to raise their voices when specific charges are levelled against her by this writer. I find the silence painful and pathetic.

My Word
23-Mar-2013 11:36 AM

Comment Dr. Puri: don't you think you have an obligation to suggest to your readers , a name of a any person who should be held responsible for all the mess in India.Z

23-Mar-2013 08:47 AM

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