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Page 3; an alphanumeric word of the English Dictionary, a leaf in a book, a sheet in the newspaper. But is Page 3 just that? Is it just a simple word like mentioned above? Or does this word/phrase have much deeper connotations? Page 3'. the phrase entails in itself an attitude, a lifestyle and the state of mind and state of existence and life of a particular group of people read the rich and famous. Having said that, the aforesaid state of mind and state of existence definitely does not remain limited to the so called 'rich and famous' but does permeate all in many different ways and through many different means.

The recent movie Page 3 is a story that very truly and very superbly depicts these facets of our present society. It has very clearly brought about the extreme shallowness and the complete superficiality that exists behind the blinding beams of glitz and glamour. It shows the pettiness, the tardiness and the frivolity that exists in abundance in the 'abundant' world of these sparse society people.

The Movie Page 3 shows that there exists a lot of fakeness and materialism in the present day modern society. It has also very illustratively depicted that there does not exist much reliability and trust worthiness. Page 3 has also very boldly shown that for a large number of people ideals and values erode and vanish in thin air to achieve ones purpose at one particular point of time.

These depictions of the present day society are a complete truth, hard 'hitting, though. The present attitude of the society definitely has a negative impact all across. Consequently it also somewhere gradually corrodes the faith people have in humanity. In certain cases, it therefore results, in an angry retort, which is in clear defiance of the basic positive human values. Will it always be the case that the Youth will retort with anguish? Will it begin to happen that people will start feeling that complete honesty is a self-destroying virtue? Will the world be only materialistic? Will our children grow up in a world that has sunk deep in the muddy muck of selfishness, dishonesty, materialism, non-reliance and distrust. 

My belief in God's created humanity makes me feel that the answers to all the above questions shall eventually be in negative.  


More by :  Sonali Malhotra Sehgal

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