The Real Axis Of Evil

November will witness the most important election in the history of the United States. Its result will determine the future of America, and of the world. An administration that subverted security and falsified truth in pursuance of a sinister private agenda of its leaders will be seeking another four years to complete it. Can the American people stop this? On present reckoning they can. The Democratic Party candidate Senator John Kerry leads President Bush in the public opinion polls.
However, another terrorist attack like 9/11 could dramatically improve the chances of President Bush. America has been put on alert because a new strike by Al Qaeda is feared. By striking at this time, would Osama bin Laden deliberately help President Bush retain power? Did President Bush deliberately help Osama by half-hearted efforts for his capture in Afghanistan after the ouster of the Taliban regime? And then, by diverting the war from Al-Qaeda to the invasion of Iraq? Are Bush and Osama complementary -- thriving on each other's excesses?
Even the watered down official 9/11 Commission Report concluded that the Bush administration "was not ready to engage actively against Al-Qaeda". There is strong circumstantial evidence culled from impeccable sources like New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, The Guardian and BBC to suggest that part of the American administration was complicit in the 9/11 attack. American analyst and Holocaust survivor Joseph Ehrlich, among others, has advanced compelling evidence and arguments to authenticate this claim. Former key official in the Bush administration Richard Clarke confirmed that one day after 9/11, when US Intelligence had identified as Al Qaeda being responsible for the attack, Bush and colleagues were urging him to indict Saddam too. But while American mainstream media puts out damaging isolated reports, its editors refuse to collate the information and conclude the obvious: America is a subverted nation. If this indeed is the case, what is the nature and identity of the power subverting it?
The Bush administration and Al Qaeda act like instruments serving a single power manipulating global events. And linked to them are China and Pakistan. The Israeli intelligence website Debka File reported that the Chinese government had established intelligence and funding relationships with the Taliban during the years preceding 9/11. The American government in May 2001 had gifted $43 million to the Taliban from Secretary of State Colin Powell. Through the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, the CIA had continually provided aid to the Taliban, virtually up until the moment of the September 11 attacks. Within the knowledge of the Chinese government and with the tacit blessings of the PLA, Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang have been helping the Taliban. The same Uighur Muslims who are supposed to pose a terrorist threat to China! Last month the PLA and Pakistani army conducted joint anti-terrorist exercises. Both are patrons of terrorist Jihadis. They deceive a gullible world press eagerly willing to be deceived.
What, then, is the identity and nature of the power that can seemingly coordinate activities of Americans, Chinese, Pakistanis and Al Qaeda? It is the US-China-Israel Axis. To understand the origins and growth of this Axis, one must go back in history. 
After the Cuban crisis in the sixties President John Kennedy parleyed with Khrushchev. Historian Arthur Schlesinger Junior recorded that Kennedy sought US-USSR cooperation to contain a future threat by China. But then Kennedy was assassinated. Later his brother Robert, aspirant in the Presidential contest of 1968, was also assassinated. A discarded Richard Nixon was retrieved from his political grave to become President. After that a paradigm shift occurred in global politics. Was Kennedy killed to facilitate this shift? Who was responsible for his assassination? The mystery remains.
Author Michael Collins Piper, a former aide of Governor John Connolly of Texas who was wounded in the same car when Kennedy was shot, after extensive investigation concluded in his book, Final Judgment, that China and the Israeli Mossad were behind the killing.
Noted Israeli investigative activist and crusader Barry Chamish without discounting Piper's broad conclusions felt he had failed to make his case. Chamish ruled out Mossad's involvement. According to Piper, the Sino-Israeli action was provoked by a decision that Kennedy took to launch a preemptive strike against China,s nuclear installations. Piper alleged that Israel helped China obtain technology to make the bomb. Shaul Eisenberg, Israel's richest businessman, was the conduit for the transfer of technology.
Eisenberg fled from Nazi Germany and was given refuge in Shanghai during the war years. It may be noted that Shanghai was the only city offering sanctuary to Hitler's victims without demanding visas and papers. During the war years the most sacred religious texts of the Jewish community were housed in Shanghai for safekeeping. Later they were transferred to Israel. Therefore pro-China sentiments in Eisenberg and other Israelis were understandable.
Piper wrote his book in the mid-nineties. In 2000 official US papers, declassified, confirmed that before he was killed Kennedy was indeed contemplating a preemptive strike against China's nuclear installations. In July this year, the former Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanuni was released after spending 18 years in an Israeli prison for divulging Israel's nuclear plans.
In a startling allegation he complemented Piper's thesis. He said that because Kennedy exerted pressure on the Israeli government to shed light on Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor, Israel masterminded his assassination.
So, what was the paradigm shift that followed the Kennedy murder? This: instead of accommodating the Soviet Union, America forged ties with China. While there was worldwide grief over Kennedy's death, China exulted. China's People's Daily carried a front-page cartoon with the caption, 'Kennedy bites the dust'. The Nixon-Kissinger duo helped create the most powerful global axis comprising USA and China. Israel was the facilitator. Pakistan was the instrument required to forge the axis. It is this transnational lobby, the US-China-Israel Axis that emerged under Nixon and Kissinger and grew from strength to strength to play the most sinister role in world affairs for the past three decades.
Nixon as an ardent anti-communist was enticed in the enterprise to become eventually history's fall guy. His anti-communist image helped silence the American right wing as America somersaulted to befriend Maoist China. The rationale was that the communist world would be divided by weaning China away from the Soviets. Pakistan was the strategic lynchpin used by the US-China-Israel Axis.
Pakistan backed by US and China cut off the Soviet threat of reaching the warm waters of the Indian Ocean through Afghanistan. That suited America. A strong Pakistan hostile to India ensured that South Asia would remain divided to never become capable of balancing China. That suited China. Indo-Pakistani hostility gave promise of a future Hindu India hostile to Islam. That suited Israel. It also explains, incidentally, Israel's open support for BJP leaders like LK Advani and the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP).
Inexplicably, these hardcore Hindus looked up to China, not mindful of their sworn enemies, the hardcore Pakistanis inside and outside its army, doing the same! Yet both extremist elements, Hindu and Muslim, continued to bitterly oppose each other.
It may be recalled that at about the same time when China introduced a market economy in 1978, it changed its official policy to describe Zionism as a nationalist instead of a racist movement as it did earlier. Alongside the Soviets, Israel became China's biggest arms supplier. With American and Chinese guarantees, Pakistan became secure. That suited Islamabad. No wonder President Nixon was to state later "the integrity of Pakistan is the cornerstone of American foreign policy." It should be recalled that this axis took shape after Nehru spurned President Ayub Khan's offer of joint defence in 1959, and after the 1962 Sino-Indian conflict, which exposed India's woeful military capabilities.
But Nixon soon fell by the wayside. Watergate took care of that. Years later, commenting on the expanded US-China trade he sadly told his former speech-writer and NYT columnist William Saffire, "I guess we created a Frankenstein!"
While Nixon faded, Kissinger thrived. Through the decades he has emerged as the key figure in the Axis. He is the inspiration and architect of Sino-American ties that rope in almost all of corporate America. Kissinger is the central adviser for the Business Coalition for US-China Trade which has 1000 of the largest American corporations such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas Corp., General Motors, Ford and others as its members. He is also the architect of the China-America Society which has American Express, Chase Manhattan Bank, Coca-Cola and other giants as its members.
Kissinger's proximity to China became evident when he helped set up China International Investment Corporation (CITIC), the Chinese government's banking merchant for carrying on business with the US. Originally, Bush appointed Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission. Public protest forced Kissinger to back out.
Kissinger obtained the participation of powerful former US officials Alexander Haig, Lawrence Eagleburger, Brent Snowcroft and others to promote Sino-American trade ties. Kissinger and friends battled for 15 years to have China admitted to the World Trade Organization. US-China trade ties have grown to such dimensions that American MNCs would lose billions if these broke down. 

As American analyst Michael C. Ruppert eloquently put it: "There's an old saying that in a ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed."  America is the pig in US-China trade.
China desperately needs oil and gas to continue its economic expansion. To get oil and gas from Central Asia, China would have to build a pipeline nearly 4,000 miles long across the Himalayas and through the mountains of Central China. That is beyond China's technical abilities. The construction expertise of companies like Halliburton - headed till 2000 by Vice President Dick Cheney would be essential.
Meanwhile, China must bank on the proposed trans-Afghani pipeline system to transport oil and gas from the Central Asian republics to the Pakistani coast. This 1500-mile pipeline from the oil and gas-rich regions of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is the only feasible way to transport oil and gas to China. To secure this on a stable basis China wants to enmesh itself with the economies of South Asia.
Corporate America in its greed for short-term profit leans so heavily on the political establishment that US security considerations are ignored both by Republicans and Democrats.
America has been allowing a five-to-one trade deficit with China importing low-tech Chinese goods manufactured by firms owned by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The profits of these firms are used to modernize and expand the Chinese military and to bribe and subvert American politicians. According to John Fialka of Wall Street Journal over 450 of these firms are under investigation by US federal authorities for stealing technology and passing it to the PLA. As NYT columnist Abe Rosenthal wrote in the late 1990s, both Republicans and Democrats were corrupted by the PLA to help increase China's military might.
China's abysmal record on human rights, on slave labour, on nuclear proliferation, on being the fountainhead of the global drug trade, and on promoting international terrorism - all documented by American official and Congressional agencies - has been glossed over by successive US administrations. China has emerged thereby as a corporate version of Nazi Germany. Five per cent of its population owns over 80 per cent of its wealth. The children of Chinese communist leaders are economic tsars thriving on financial deals and partnerships. Eighty per cent of investment in China is by foreigners, mostly overseas Chinese, many of whom collaborate with the PLA. Most Chinese exports are manufactured by subsidiaries of foreign firms, mostly American.
As columnist Paul Craig Roberts commented: "The U.S. is not trading with China in the normal sense. The Chinese have access to U.S. markets for products made with Chinese labour. In exchange U.S. firms have access to Chinese markets and U.S. markets with products made by Chinese labour." In other words, China is a monstrous manufacturing unit based on slave labour offering sops to the west. By its policy of having "two systems in one nation" China befools the world with some dazzling showpiece cities. It is sickening therefore to hear constantly that China should be the role model for India.
But there are signs - small yet - of change in America. Newspapers like NYT and Washington Post have started murmuring disapproval about some of China's policies and actions. There are two prime reasons for this change. First, economically China is gradually squeezing America out of the Asian market. Secondly, the nuclear proliferation unleashed by China through Pakistan and North Korea has spun things out of control. The emergence of an Islamist terrorist bomb designed to destroy Israel has become a real possibility.
A too clever-by-half corporate America had thought that after enslaving the Asian market in a vice-like grip it would stabilize the arrangement by democratizing China. The ascent of Hu Jintao as successor to Jiang Zemin was expected to facilitate this transition.
China's links with nuclear proliferation, Islamic terrorism and even Osama bin Laden himself, were kept under wraps by mainstream American media. This dark side of China had tacit blessing of official America because it served the long-term goals of the Axis. The calculation was that once China became an open democratic partner in WTO its dark side would become a thing of the past and get a quiet burial.
That's where the Americans went wrong. Jiang Zemin did not relinquish chairmanship of China's Central Military Commission (CMC). He retained firm control over the PLA. Like an old Maoist he knew that power flows from the barrel of a gun. There is a silent struggle going on now for control over China's future course. On current reckoning Jiang is prevailing over Hu. Open differences between them surfaced after the outbreak of the SARS epidemic.
The virus was first detected in a Chinese military hospital. Russian scientists claimed it was man-made. Analysts speculated that the PLA deliberately created SARS to make China inhospitable to international investment, thereby weakening China's new rulers who would be cut off from the West. Several official heads rolled and eventually President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao brought SARS under control. A key role in aiding them was played by a Chinese military doctor, Yiang Yanyong, the whistleblower on SARS. Yiang quickly became a cult figure across China. Currently, Chinese communist officials and the PLA have put Yiang under arrest.  
Chinese newspapers are all owned by the state. Despite that brave journalists criticize officials and expose corruption. They are being harassed and hounded by the authorities, sometimes arrested. Going by current trends therefore it does not seem that a smooth transition to open society and to rule of law in China is on the cards.
If the assumption of the role of the US-China-Israel Axis, based on the facts advanced thus far, is correct, a brief recapitulation of events should indicate how the Axis succeeded only in damaging eventually the interests of all three nations.
America was on its highest level of alert because of intelligence warnings around July 2001. Mysteriously the Bush administration lifted that alert. Then 9/11 happened. On 9/11 itself China's PLA signed a memorandum of understanding with the Taliban government for upgrading the communications system in Afghanistan. Mullah Omar heavily influenced and financed by his brother-in-law Osama bin Laden - deemed responsible for the 9/11 attacks - led the Taliban government.
The 9/11 attacks targeted the WTO towers. These attacks preempted by six days China's official entry into the WTO on September 17, 2001. The entry was the culmination of sustained efforts for fifteen years. The attacks by Osama, who was patronized by the PLA, failed to deter China entering WTO. Later came the SARS episode, again traceable to the PLA. This temporarily alarmed the west but did not halt the growing US-Chinese trade ties. Clearly, the forces in China seeking participation in a world order are being thwarted by powerful elements within the PLA.
It is in this context that the Bush administration, left without maneuverability, is stuck with its failed policies. Responsible Americans, who earlier turned a blind eye to the activities of the Axis, are now getting alarmed. The participants themselves in the Axis cannot now change course because they are too deeply imbedded in it. Contrast the Bush administration,s kid-glove treatment of nuclear rogue states China, Pakistan and North Korea with its treatment of Iraq, which had no weapons of mass destruction.
That is why India would be extremely foolish to hasten trade ties with Beijing before the internal contradictions in China are resolved. There is even talk in some quarters of welcoming China into SAARC. To destroy the distinctive identity of South Asia and make it an extension of the slave-driven captive market created and controlled by the Axis would be nothing short of political insanity.
All this makes the coming American election crucial. The Bush administration was hijacked by the Axis on 9/11. November will tell us whether American voters can extricate their nation from its coils. The US-China-Israel Axis was the real axis of evil that subverted governments in all the three nations and dominated world events for three decades. Now conflicts of interests and cracks have weakened this Axis. It remains to be seen whether the American people can destroy it to change the course of history and create a democratic world order.    


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Comment Quite a Mind Boggling & thought Provoking Article !! There have been many tell tale signals about this axis of evil promoted by Kissinger,Israel & corporate America. This Axis of evil is threatening India also !! Just as it is said that terror has no religion, so also Corporates,Multinationals & Big business have NO NATION AFFILIATIONS,NO MORALS & NO FARSIGHTEDNESS..Perhaps this is what President Bush had in mind when he hinted at a New world order reshaping the world. This also revives Suspicions about Zionism playing a hidden role in World politics [ Read the Protocols of Zion by Fraser. it is a revealing & a stunning article & even Henry Ford believed them to be true ] Late Smt.Indira Gandhi warned that the Day the Multi Nationals take over India,it will be the end of india..The Holy Bible has warned that MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS.. In the bible Christ tells the Jews-that they are descendents of Satan /Devil..See how these money bags & big corporates are corrupting, Subverting & Criminalising the politicians,Bureaucrats,Generals & News Media in india.

08-Mar-2013 12:36 PM

Comment Rajender Ji,

I draw your attention to the article "Why US-Israel-India Axis is Welcome" already posted on Boloji [ ] which expands upon the comment you have added. An extract from the same is quoted below for quick reference:

Why is a US-Israel-India axis desirable? Because in the real world there is a US-Israel-China axis. It has dominated global affairs for the past three decades. This scribe has repeatedly described this trilateral alliance as the real axis of evil. Pakistan was the midwife that gave birth to this axis. US-China collaboration over Pakistan blocked the Soviet advance to the Indian Ocean. A nuclear Pakistan became the impregnable sanctuary for anti-Indian insurgents to bleed India and perpetuate Chinese hegemony in Asia. And a US-China alliance broke the Sino-Soviet alliance to change the world balance of power. At that time it made great strategic sense for America.

All round it was a sweet deal. But with the passage of time it began to sour. For decades it appeared so sweet to the US that it overlooked a continuing five to one trade deficit with China. US big business made quick profits by manufacture in China which offered cheap, virtually slave, labor. Now things have changed. Never mind if eighty per cent of China's industry is owned by foreign capital. It is located on Chinese soil. On the ground it is at the mercy of iron fisted Chinese dictatorship. And never mind if most Chinese exports to the US were low tech goods. The bulk of the exporting industry was owned by the People's Liberation Army which used the profits to build and sustain the world's largest army. After three decades of bleeding India through proxy nations now China can afford to flex its muscles against America. So at last the Americans are getting worried. President Bush in his second term, egged on by US security interests, sought to undo the covert damage wrought on democratic India -- the world's only billion strong nation apart from China. As China and Pakistan clandestinely spread nuclear weapons and fomented terrorism, India received a thousand cuts. To all this, America turned a blind eye. Now if powerful sections in America and Israel are beginning to chafe over the results of their past misconceived policies, should India continue to sulk or enhance its own national interest?

My Word
23-Sep-2012 22:34 PM

Comment George Bush in his second term when he was not dependent upon the corporate lobby came into his own and was a different President. Israel subsequently has changed track after China's links with Al Qaeda and global terrorism and its new strategy based upon energy needs surfaced to threaten even Israel. In other words the world is changing.

23-Sep-2012 18:39 PM

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