The Bell Tolls for Congress!

There is an old saying that those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad! If there is any truth in that are we witnessing the last days of the Congress Party?

The manner in which its government is handling the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) report on the 2G scam certainly suggests a touch of insanity. Partisanship is not new. But such brazen partisanship as displayed by the draft report of the JPC on the 2G scam is unprecedented. The government’s brazen conduct is nothing less than an invitation for revolt by the opposition and nationwide protest by the public. The fireworks should start in Parliament later this week.

From the start of the JPC’s handling of the 2G scam, chaired by Congress stalwart Mr. P Chacko, its bizarre approach became evident. Consider just the broad facts. Former Telecom Minister Mr. A Raja was indicted for corruption by the Supreme Court in the 2G scam and is presently in jail. He remains the main accused. He wants to depose before the JPC. The JPC refuses to grant him a hearing although he is the main accused. He is repeatedly asserting that the Prime Minister and Mr. Chidambaram were privy to all decisions he took on issuing 2G licenses and given opportunity he will convince the JPC of this fact. What kind of inquiry is it that conducts a probe without even once questioning the main accused in the case?

Members of the JPC have demanded that the Prime Minister be summoned to depose before the JPC. JPC Chairman Mr. Chacko refuses to oblige. On the other hand he wanted former Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee presently ailing and incapacitated to depose before the JPC. Brazenly, Congress leaders started blaming ministers of the previous government for creating the 2G scam for which the Supreme Court had already convicted their own Telecom minister!

The farcical nature of this huge charade becomes more glaring from the fact that enough evidence has surfaced to indict Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. Chidambaram of abetting corruption in the 2G scam thereby making them open to prosecution. As iterated in these columns a note and letter by Mr. Mukherjee made public through a Right To Information application makes amply clear that the ministries of Law, Finance and Telecom, as well as the cabinet secretariat and the PMO were all fully informed about Mr. Raja’s decisions. It was also pointed out in these columns how this fact made all these ministers guilty of abetting corruption on the basis of the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Despite this the draft report of the JPC blandly asserts that that the Prime Minister and Mr. Chidambaram were blameless in the 2G scam. The government may succeed in bulldozing its decision through Parliament. Can it sell such blatant lies to the people of India? The government may not be deliberately perverse. It may be helpless. It may simply be fulfilling the prophecy about the wish of Gods regarding those they wish to destroy. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve the Congress on January 30, 1948. Is it taking over sixty years for the Congress to fulfill that wish?


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Comment There is also another saying "Sinner is immortal" which means he will have more time in this mortal world. But, let us not evaluate anyone or group but, strengthen ourselves & through our expressions as efforts to revive & restore the lost dimensions. Are we doing any justification in this regard? We do not need power to be responsible. Firstly, we have to be responsible at individual level. We can grow in concentric circles to any level we aspire with our success & networking with people with similar frequency. We can use technology as a tool in this process to exponentially multiply our efforts in this regard.

Vasan KSS
26-Apr-2013 08:51 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Consider that despite these mad activities which are rampant these days, the Congress flurishes, consider what will be the outlook if UPA makes a comfortable win in next Loksabha elections ?

Such an outcome will not only bolden the mad-UPA-politicians but also sink all our hopes of a better India in the coming decades.

And such a possibility definitely exists, e.g. look at the comment of Mr. P.V. Rajeev. Right point, but planted by media in hands of powerful-ultra-rich politicians. [we care about important business legistalive pending and what about crwaling existing business because the governance is practically collapsed ? People dont talk about collapsed governance because it is not reported in news and anlysis]. These slow and hidden messages are passed to the masses in daily dose of 'news and analysis' by national and local media.

I happen to see a local newpaper in Chhattisgarh today, interestingly the JPC matters on 2G scam is not at all covered either in front page of inside, instead the front half page page covers Rahul's visit in M.P. and poses him as a bright commander.

How an averege person will form correct opinion of the anti-national activities such as described in this article ?

Shouldn't something be done immediately so that people can form a fare and frank opinion about politicians ? And if this is not prevented, our future looks dark to me, at least.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
26-Apr-2013 06:07 AM

Comment But what is the point in disrupting functioning of Parliament when very important legislative business is pending.

P V Rajeev
23-Apr-2013 11:56 AM

Comment its been Congress misrule and policy ineptitude added to corruption in the past few years. i hope they breakup and we recover rajiv/sonia's hidden money too

23-Apr-2013 07:40 AM

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