Swarasa Kalpana

Ayurveda method of herbal juice extraction

Texts of ayurveda explain the method to extract fresh juice from herbs. This procedure is known as “Swarasa kalpana”. “Swarasa” means freshly extracted juice.

How to extract juice from medicinal herbs?

Various procedures to extract juice from herbs have been explained by ayurveda acharyas . Juices thus extracted can be effectively used in many health conditions.  Here are list of these procedures.

  1. Fresh herb juice extraction: Collect Fresh parts of herbs and clean them thoroughly to remove mud and insects.  Cut these herbal parts into small pieces and pound these to get a soft paste. Squeeze the juice from herbal paste with the help of a clean cotton cloth. Collect this juice in a vessel. This process has to be repeated till the pounded herbal paste loses its original taste.
  2. Dry herb juice extraction: During non availability of fresh herbs, dried herbs can be used to extract juice. Soak one part of the dried herb with 2 parts of water. Leave it overnight.  Pound the soaked herb and extract the juice. Follow the same steps of fresh herb juice extraction.
  3. Powdered dry herb juice extraction: Take one part of dried powdered herb and add 8 parts of water. Boil this till 1/4th of water remains. Filter the herb and use the liquid part.
  4. Juice extraction from hard herbs: When fresh herbs are hard and rough (like barks and hard stem) , juice extraction becomes difficult. A different method is explained in ayurveda pharmacology to get best out of such herbs. Wrap the hard herb pieces in a cloth and place it in a steel box.  Cook these herbs in cooker. Allow the herb to cool. Pound this and extract the juice as explained.
The freshly prepared juice has to be used immediately. It should not be stored or refrigerated.
Honey, sugar candy, jaggery, pepper, cumin seed powder, ghee, salt etc can be added to enhance the taste and medicinal properties of herbal juice.

Dosage of herbal juices: Usually 25 ml of fresh herbal juice and 50 ml of dried herb juice has to be consumed. 


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