Interview with Ramesh TA by Shail Raghuvanshi

An industrialist turned into a poet, a renowned world English poet, Ramesh T A’s journey of becoming a poet is quite interesting.  His poetic work has been appreciated by various online platforms. SpeakBindas Author, Freelance Editor, Shail Raghuvanshi brings out the inner side of him.
-Devang Vibhakar, Editor,


Shail: Having worked as an industrialist for so many years, how different do you find the fields of industry and writing?

Ramesh: The difference between industry and writing is like inventiveness and creativity! In industry I was looking after technical side of work employing unskilled workers. It was like a battle field for me doing all kinds of works in manufacturing side along with workers and also management works being a small scale industry for about almost 9 hours everyday for about 25 years! It was inventive in nature!

There was no time left for me to think about writing though I was very much interested in writing novels at first! From 1972 I tried to write without any success! Industry, business and family occupied most of my time having little time to even think about writing anything and for more than 7 years I could not even able to see cinemas at that time! I got married in 1981! By a fluke chance I got time in 1988 to write a novel called THE HALO DREAMS! That was all! I was fed up with monotonous mechanical type of work and very much frustrated to go on like that without having time of my own to write anything of my interest!

Novel and nonfiction articles I could not write at all and that made me frustrated and fed up with monotonous mechanical work! All those pent up feelings finally drew me to utter in verse my emotion to my friend in a letter and that kindled me to write poetry and from 1989 on I am creatively writing poetry whenever I get time!
Shail: When did you realize that you could express yourself better and more creatively through writing?

Ramesh: I can say our examination system in education has made me a writer! Naturally I am interested in writing. Due to my writing inclination only I could have mostly passed in all my exams both in school and college! Discovery of poetry writing ability is due to paucity of time and accident I have to say! There really lies my talent which I discovered after 17 years! My creativity flourished mainly due to poetic writing only and the opportunities I got in,, and due to them the opportunities I got in, and now!
Shail: Given a choice, which form of writing would you prefer? Poetry, Fiction or Non Fiction?

Ramesh: Due to lack of time and the very nature of joint family business and surroundings quite contrary to my nature no one in my shoes would even dream about writing at all let alone writing poetry or articles! It is by fate as well as by God’s grace I have become a poet, a World English Poet now! So, my choice will be only Poetry as there is no other go and I love to be a poet more than anything else in the world!
Shail: How do you choose your theme or subject of writing?

Ramesh: It all depends upon the mood, best or worst! Suddenly I embark upon a theme and write ideas flowing in mind and heart then! I get inspiration from Nature to write everything and cherish most in my heart the idea of One World and the international matters inspire me to choose the theme of my writing! Somehow Nature, human life and One World are the themes I linger on mostly and the ideas that ooze out in my mind I write in the form of poetry or articles!
Shail: Has there been a time when you have experienced a Writer’s Block? If yes, then how have you dealt with it?

Ramesh: From the beginning there is no chance for me to write at all due to my own kind of engagements of my community and the surroundings here! It is a miracle that I am writing so long and so much including attending this interview for you!
Shail: Who has influenced you most in your writings?

Ramesh: I could not do as I wish whether it is studies or doing work or living life! These kind of emotional outbursts are the outcome of my poetry I have to say! Without interest I was studying in college here and at that time literature, especially poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Robert Browning only attracted and absorbed me much next to Physics. Later I discovered the connection between Physics and Literature lies in Nature and rest of the matter I have expressed in all my poems you can read and know from various websites I have mentioned earlier!
Shail: What role do you think writers need to play in society?

Ramesh: Writers have a vital role to play as social or literary critics to expose the ills of society, politics, etc. and reform the society for the creation of One World. My articles and poems are full of such ideas and they reveal completely my most cherished views!
Shail: How would you describe yourself as a writer?

Ramesh: A World Poet from first to last doing the job of literature, critic, journalist, reformer, spiritualist, etc. and all and more in one in poetry!
Shail: In what way do you think a writer’s family contributes towards his/her writings?

Ramesh: No way as far as my case is concerned! I am an odd person in my Sourashtra community to do this kind of writing work!
Shail: Which is the next book you are coming out with?

Ramesh: Just now I have completed writing the poetry book, THE LIFE OF MAN. Before this I have completed 7 or 8 poetry books. In this year (2010) I wish to publish them one after the other online through some poetry book publishing websites!


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Comment A well drawn interview. It has brought out the essence of Ramesh, my friend, who has achieved what he wanted to achieve through his sheer perseverance and steadfastness.His single minded devotion is what has made this possible against all odds. I wish him many more successes!

B Pugazhendhi
25-Feb-2015 11:55 AM

Comment This article has helped me to know more about my maternal uncle. I, personally like to congratulate him for kindling all his inborn ideas, thoughts, hidden talents and most is the earthly experience which he had realised and putforth in front of us as poetry. All this blend together carved him as a Poet and had given him a recognition as a well knowned Author and Poet, not only in the community but also in most public forums. May Almighty shower his blessings for all he aspires for !!!!

Vandana M J
07-May-2013 11:05 AM

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