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The Death of Sarabjit Singh
by Suresh Mandan Bookmark and Share

Sometimes it is bad to be too good. But India, rather the Indian Government has a habit of doing this too often. Just to show itself as too good and kind, the Indian Government released a convicted prisoner and Pakistani national Chisti, without asking for the release of its own prisoner in Pakistan Sarabjit Singh, who was a victim of mistaken identity and wrongly sentenced for being a terrorist.

In diplomacy, all nations have to believe in tit for tat, or release of prisoner against a prisoner. But India released Chisti and never waited for proof of Pakistan's sincerity. On 26 June 2012, Pakistan ordered the release of Sarabjit Singh on the basis of mercy petition filed on 28 May 2012 but five hours later revoked the pardon and released another prisoner Surjeet Singh and not Sarabjit Singh.

Pakistan played this trick with a purpose knowing well that Indian government's credibility factor is very high and any small country can befool Indian Government and its PM and other ministers. The death of Sarabjit Singh in Kot Lakhpat Jail Pakistan on May 2, makes us feel upset, angry, dismayed and helpless in face of Indian Government's cowardism, lack of courage and mule like attitude. Since 1991, when Sarabjit was sentenced to death which was revoked in 2008 to life imprisonment, the Indian Government played a role of thick skinned entity which had no sensitivity towards the pain of a family which was fighting for the release of its head since 22 years. The Government of India did not do anything seriously even in the last one year to put pressure on the Government of Pakistan to review the pardon which it gave and then played a dirty trick.

None of the so called elite Indian lawyers, who are ready to fight the case of known terrorists, did anything to challenge the way the case was conducted in the Pakistan Judiciary. They could not have fought the case in courts of Pakistan, but could have moved a petition for his release as done by a British Indian Lawyer Jas Uppal by pointing out:

1. None of the four FIRs lodged with regard to bombing in Lahore contained Sarabjit's name or any description akin to him.
2. Shaukat Salim the key prosecution witness (whose father and other relatives were killed in said bombing) retracted his statement wherein he had said that he had seen Sarabjit Singh planting a bomb by later giving a statement to the newspersons that he had to implicate Sarabjit Singh under pressure from the Pakistan Police.

3. The entire trial was conducted in English whereas Sarabjit Singh was a villager who did not understand English and was not given the services of an interpreter.

4. There was no forensic evidence establishing his links to the bombing. (In fact Sarabjit was arrested 8 days after the bombing incident. Initially he was charged for illegal crossing but eight days later booked for the bomb blast. Sarabjit Singh was arrested as Manjit Singh and the irony is that the said Manjit Singh was later apprehended in Canada and in India)

The Indian Government never questioned the partial and biased legal system of Pakistan where Sarabjit Singh as stated by him (in his letter which was brought by his lawyer) was never heard for his side of defense. Inspite of knowing that Indian prisoners were tortured as borne out by the death of Sarabjit Singh and Chamel Singh, no Indian delegation of any kind took time to make an attempt to visit the Pakistan jails and bring out the Hoax. At least film actor Salman Khan and Raza Murad made an attempt to get the release by leading a public campaign but not anyone else all of who are host to Pakistan Cricket teams, Pakistani singers and film actors.

The Indian Parliament has observed two minutes silence in the memory of Sarabjit Singh (Manjit Singh in Pakistan), the Government of Punjab would give him the state funeral but would the two daughters of Sarabjit Singh get their father back? How unemotional are our Prime Minister, the President and the President of the ruling party. Perhaps they do not have the sense of belonging to this country.

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Comments on this Article

Comment Dear Sir,
Thank you for your wonderful article on Sarabjit Singh and his languishing in Pakistani prisons and his unfortunate demise. I totally agree with you that the government at that time only dithered and did not many any efforts to secure his release. Unfortunately the pleas, cries and valiant efforts of his family were futile.
We lost a compatriot.

Suresh Kalathil
10/06/2016 03:38 AM

Comment how blunt our govt. is?
seriously d indian govt cant do this to its citizenz..!
our politicianz woke too early this time..after the death of victim..!!
feeling miserable to b part of this nasty world

05/03/2013 03:41 AM

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