We Live in Chaos and Fantasy

I have no second opinion on the fact that Indian public and media enjoy extraordinary freedom. The news casts, the print media and a host of new found electronic communications are extensively (mis)used by every citizen to the hilt. 

Just look at some of the recent happenings around us in our country; a great demonstration of a great old man against corruption was flashed like anything and talked by every man as if a dawn had set to end corruption in this philosophical land. But, what really happened? We had more corruptions coming to light including that of the associate of the old crusader! 

A girl’s rape and death created a big hullabaloo and terrible law and order situation in the capital. But, to what avail? We read more rape cases of aged women to young girl child every other day! 

Some of the long awaited terrorists’ death sentences stirred the conscious of the ‘Gandhian Indians’ and once again a lot of debate and discussions went on and on! The terrorists turned martyrs and that also came to an end. 

All of a sudden in Tamil Nadu a photograph of the Tamil Elam fighter Prabhakaran’s son stirred a Hornet’s nest. A host of continuous demonstrations, police lathi charge, and college students taken to streets followed. Now, none care about what is really happening to the Tamils living considerably peacefully in the absence of Prabhakaran in Srilanka.

We find the Muslims are soar; the Sikhs are offended. The Tamils are sidelined. The Biharis are ill treated. The Bengalis are volatile. Can we see any unity in diversity? Such a term carries least value in any materialistic world. Our newspapers and electronic media keep flashing about crimes and criminals, scams and subterfuge, murders and suicides with absolute sensational motive. 

Surprisingly, another big debate is on the future Prime Ministerial candidate; An absolute novice and a dodger like Rahul Gandhi is compared and contrasted with a performer (whether autocratic or democratic) like Narendra Modi whose experience and standing in politics is in every way no way comparable to the Congress greenhorn.

Indians are a peculiar set of people. We prefer to live in chaos and fantasy. We like to gossip than work. We like to be more argumentative than harmonious. We speak differently on the same subject with least logic, qualm or conscience. Hypocrisy and unabashed craving for publicity seem to be our basic motto. Long live our culture! 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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