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Kudos for Arvind Kejriwal?
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

When Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced the formation of his Aam Admi Party (AAP) I criticized his decision for being premature. My reasoning was that to create a genuine national alternative and not merely a new party additional to the fifty plus already existing there was need first to have a nationwide movement to propagate an agenda and recruit adherents for creating an organizational structure. But Mr. Kejriwal formed and plunged his new party into the forthcoming Delhi assembly elections. How is his party performing up till now?

The AAP is focusing exclusively on local subjects. It is very active in highlighting the problems that beset common citizens in their daily lives. And this is being done when public disenchantment with the corruption and non-performance of both the Congress and the BJP has never been more acute. As a result not only has the new party started to draw supporters from among the sections that are heard least but vote most, an increasing number of the young are joining the party as activists and members. In fact some analysts are projecting the possibility of AAP defeating both the main parties to emerge as victor in the assembly polls.

Some analysts have criticized Mr. Kejriwal for not announcing a new national policy related to the large issues of foreign policy and economic policy. Instead he has focused primarily on petty corruption of the kind that bothers the common citizen and on subjects strictly local. Indeed he has announced his intention of presenting 71 election manifestoes – one each for every assembly constituency – to be collated into a single state level manifesto subsequently. If he does this, never mind critics, it will be a unique exercise undertaken by no other party. If he also succeeds in attracting suitable new candidates for all constituencies his chances of victory will soar. By all reports he might succeed in achieving this.

If that happens and Mr. Kejriwal’s party defeats the Congress and the BJP to wrest the government in Delhi State, I must concede that by his decision to launch his party he was right and I was wrong. If the AAP does win the Delhi assembly its potential for nationwide success will be enormous. Delhi is min-India. It is the stage with national spotlight on it. If elections are held as scheduled, the AAP will get a clear five months to prepare for parliamentary elections. That will be the time to propagate a national agenda with as much meticulous care as is being done for the local issues pertaining to assembly elections. And if new candidates are selected for all the parliamentary constituencies the prospects of success will multiply. There is a new young generation of voters. The whole country is sick and tired of the existing political parties and their culture. People desperately want change. And change is what AAP could promise if its plans succeed.

There is considerable speculation about the next Prime Minister. Many names are being bandied about. According to media pundits and opinion pollsters the front runner is Mr. Narendra Modi. He has many perceived challengers. There is talk of Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. LK Advani, Mr. Nitish Kumar, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Mr. Arun Jaitley and others. But if the occasion arises the main challenge to Mr. Modi might well come from the prime ministerial candidate of the AAP. Mr. Modi has caught the imagination of people because he promises a changed approach to governance. People do want change. But however much Mr. Modi may change he is saddled as of now with the baggage of all existing politicians. If the AAP succeeds in the polls it could offer not only a new leader but a whole new class of politicians to govern the nation. That is the kind of change people want. So could the AAP emerge as the proverbial dark horse?

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Comments on this Article

Comment The Second class b-team of congress. It is the aap and kejriwal is the one whose son is studying in delhi public school and boasting about the govt school ... Believe this is only to cut vote of middle class to favour modi...

These are the person who did nothing while he was the senior govt officer.. cheat first rss and bjp irresepective of their help during their delhi aandolan with aanna at ramleela maidan.... Now throw away the respect towards their guru aannaji at their own village recently by just sending one barking.... And keep himself away just a false ground of illness... U can meet the leftinent governer even if u r seek but... For annaji?

People of india.. Think twice before you vote for the aap.

12/15/2013 05:57 AM

Comment Rajendra ji,

I am not too sure about AAP. It has to prove itself and also, is it a party which will run for eons?

Arvind roped in Anna because the latter had mass appeal. Riding on that horse, he got to the masses and proved what everyone suspected - his main interest was to form a political party. That done, now there is only one place to go - the PM's seat. If he fails, I believe he will blend into the wood works.

Narendra Modi is the best choice I guess because he is a good Administrator. But only 2014 will prove what is in store for us, and how much more money will be thrown to win the elections. Congress will do everything to put Rahul as PM. Dynasty will go on and India will be ready for a colonial takeover, once again.

Swaraj is our birth right, but if the politicians allow it.

I think not!

An excellent article I must say.Thank you!

Julia Dutta
05/25/2013 08:35 AM

Comment I am one among the many whose spirits went very high during the lok pal/anti corruption movement. I used to feel very happy when I see Arvind kejriwal on TV debating the lok pal bill.But things seems to have changed after the formation of AAP.AAP suppoted SDPI which is connected to PFI in karnataka elections. PFI has been in the news recently for terror charges.kejriwal being an educated man cannot pose ignorance for not having known this.Truth is AAP seems to go to any extent like other parties to be in the electoral race.AAP has not come out on national security issues till date. There was no statement from AAP on Indian soldiers beheaded by Pak and also on Chinese incursion.Daily lives and corruptiopns seesm to be on the plate of AAP.But with the turmoil having engulfed India, a strong pro nationalist leader is required at this time and Kejriwal doesnt seem to fit the bill.India is one of those countries which faces a lot of problems like Security, Corruption and what not and hence a party which has come to lime light based only on one issue cannot handle this country.Modi and BJP still seems to be the best bet for all Indians.Jai Hind

05/20/2013 14:21 PM

Comment Every day we should speak about AAP to atleast 10 people from today.

k g saju
05/13/2013 13:16 PM

Comment Girishji, astrology is of no use. The reason why Arvind Kejriwal should win is his concern for the common man. Okay? All advances in understanding are being used to perpetuate nonsense that has existed for more than two millenia. Stop your nonsense now. We are not living in the dark ages.

Kudos to Arvind for his work! I hope AAP wins!

05/12/2013 01:56 AM

Comment On repeated thoughts over the topic of this article, I think there exists a genuine chance for AAP to come to power in Delhi.

First Delhi is cohesively populated hence it is easy to spread message to Whole of the Delhi state quickly to masses.

Second, unlike bigger states the concerns and priorities of people are less diverse. A political party can easily get attention of large population through minimum and workeable agenda.

Third, people are really tired of misgovernance and corruption and looking for alternative.
Mr. Modi is popular there as people believe he would provide strong government and control corruption as he did in Gujarat.

AAP can really make it if cards are played correctly. Now a days political parties eaither do not connect to aam aadmi or provide false promises. This is a big gap, if Mr. Kejariwal can convince Delhi that aam aadmi's real issues will be really addressed then there exists a real chance of him sweeping in Delhi elections.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
05/09/2013 08:38 AM

Comment sir,
i have got pleasure to read it.
i m also members of aap .i hope aap have to Winne delhi assembly election.
after winne delhi election then delhi scenario will be change.
thank for publicing this news

jogendra rohidas
05/08/2013 00:24 AM

Comment Delhi is the starting point for AAP.

05/07/2013 23:40 PM

Comment Looking at current situation it looks like Delhi assembly will be won by AAP, But in LS elections APP will not win more than 30 seats. Which means it will cut BJP votes and congress may come back to power.. Ground level reality is Congress has good hold in SC, Muslims and Christans. Muslims and Christans think of security and will vote congress to keep BJP at bay. SC has been with Congress for long for reservations.. Its must for AAP to get in touch with local sarpanchs, ward members, Zilla parishad members and make them join AAP.. They are ground workers who work for MLA's and MP's...Lets Keep our moral high and work towards better India by selecting AAP.. Jai ho AAP ki

Anup Bhandary
05/07/2013 13:04 PM

Comment I am an Astrologer with little political knowledge.. I have examined both AAP's horoscope and Arvind Kejriwal's horoscope and based on my analysis AAP will win Delhi elections by a substantial margin and Arvind will become the Delhi CM.

There is more chances for an early lok Sabha elections too.


05/07/2013 12:36 PM

Comment just wear an AAP cap n go around in delhi.. peoples reaction to u will confirm every word written in dis post..

05/07/2013 11:21 AM

Comment Mr. Dinesh Bohre, it is too early to judge what might happen. Consider the possibilities. What if Narendra Modi assumes the parliamentary leadership of AAP? Arvind Kejriwal is already aspiring for the Delhi Chief Minister's post. Perhaps this is wild imagination, perhaps it is whistling in the dark!

My Word
05/07/2013 10:40 AM

Comment I pray that your prediction comes true, and The AAP becomes the new Government of India.
The current Ministers and Politicians have no shame in destroying the county. Sitting in Canada, I helplessly watch the National news where day after day they flash the corruption, rapes, and bribery cases making India hardly the place where a great culture has existed for thousands of years.
Young Indians need to wake up, and bring about the change that India so desperately needs, either through Modi or Kejriwal.

05/07/2013 06:29 AM

Comment Light at the end of tunnel ?

Or ....

Too optimistic ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
05/07/2013 01:42 AM

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