Go Congress Government Go!!! Go, Go, Go!!!

Oliver Cromwell’s famous quote today aptly applies to the Congress Government in power today in New Delhi when he asserted that “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

The Congress President who controls the Congress Government presiding over India’s destiny and the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sigh who heads the Congress Government have both failed to provide India with good leadership, good governance and have failed in providing adequate security cover to India from external and internal security threats.

More significantly, during the period of their governance, India stands severely unhinged from its moral compass of political probity, political integrity and shining political morality. What we have in 2013 is a Congress Government steeply sunk into a cess-pit of unprecedented corruption and political brazenness totally oblivious to the utter political contempt that a vast majority of right thinking Indians have so developed whether they are rich, middle class or poor.

When under critical fire from the political opposition in TV panel debates, the Congress Party spokespersons and Congress leaders brazenly declare that the people of India elected them for a term of five years and that there is no reason for them not to honor the people’s mandate!

Brazenly overlooked by the Congress Party worthies is the fact that by their unprecedented political corruption the Congress Party has not only unapologetically dishonored the election mandate given by the Indian people but also shamed India’s external image abroad.

The Congress Government’s preoccupation with wholesale corruption by its Ministers, earlier by its coalition partners and lately by Congress Party Ministers left them with no time to seriously address India’s national security external and internal security challenges.

China merrily continues with its deep intrusions in Indian Territory and Pakistan butchers Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails. China and Pakistan are emboldened to do this conscious of the fact that the Indian Government of the day is deeply enmeshed in fighting political battles for its day to day survival.

In an earlier Column I had posed the question that whether the Indian Prime Minister would be in a position to carry out mid-course corrections to arrest the drift? My assessment that it was beyond him to do so as any such mid-course correction would inevitably have to emanate from the Congress President. With TV reports indicating that the Congress President is reported to have given a clarion call to the Congress Party to go on a ‘counter-offensive’ to deflect corruption charges, it seems unlikely that the Congress President would give a lead in arresting the drift.

Against such a backdrop India’s hapless public has no other option in a democracy but to chant Oliver Cromwell’s mantra - Go Congress Government Go!!! India has had enough of Congress Government mis-governance.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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