The Big Questions

No one dares to ask the fundamental questions. Some may even argue that it is not worthwhile asking questions that cannot possibly be answered.

We all know that questions, and especially the right questions, are "half the way" to the answers. Humans started asking the questions, which led them to answers, one at a time. From that perspective, the "first steps" towards the answers are the questions themselves. Let us ask questions fearlessly and with no presumption that those who ask questions may not necessarily be the same people who have the answers, nor would find the answers. Let us fire away all possible questions first. Then we can select the "right" questions.

Does the universe have a purpose? Why is the universe so big and complex? Why has it gone through so much evolution and changes? Is there any real purpose everything that has happened, a lot more that would happen in the future?

Does the concept purpose apply to the universe? Are purposes and goals limited and applicable to only humans? Is the concept of purpose only a human construct? Is it because humans know that they are mortal and so look for a purpose? For example, before the humans existed, or before the humans developed the intellect to ask questions, and define purposes to all of their actions, there was no being thinking of purpose. If there were no question asked about the purpose, by anyone at all, would there be any purpose? Fundamentally, the question itself may demand and imply an answer. With out any question being asked, there is no need to answer.

Does the purpose question for the universe mean that the answer implies a set path to satisfy a purpose, if the purpose existed? Does the concept of purpose really imply a definite path, a bounded set of happenings, and so indirectly imply a predictable future in the universe?

First come questions. Why ask why? What is the purpose of asking the questions? Is it again humanness that makes us ask questions, and question the question itself? Is it the human nature to wonder about the universe? Even though animals may have there own, however primitive, way of
questioning, and discovering the answer, deeper questions of nature have been the territory of humans.

What if there is a purpose? 

What are the implications if there were indeed a purpose to the universe? Why should there be purpose for everything? The existence of the universe being very basic, one would normally think of a purpose. It may still be worthwhile to ask why should there be a purpose for not only the universe itself, but also every thing in the universe down to earth bound humans like us. If the basic question of the purpose of the universe were answered, then it would set the stage for answers to everything in the universe, to include our own life and existence, as a simple corollary.

What are the implications of No Purpose? 

One simple answer would be to boldly say that there is really nothing like a purpose for the universe. It is just happening. There is no definiteness to the future. There is probably no single or unified consciousness, akin to the concept of God that is making things happen in the universe.

Is it too complex to answer?

Another argument would be that it is far too complex for the human being to understand. Looking at the history of time, humans have existed for an insignificantly short time. Humans have not answered most of the questions of the nature around them yet. In fact, humans have not even asked all the infinite set of possible questions in the universe. Most importantly, the universe has experience only things in the past, and so any questions or answers / solutions would be limited to the past experience of the universe. The universe discovers new things as time passes. This argument leads us to potential understanding that it is too complex even for the universe to answer, especially because it is not yet prepared to answer.

If it is too complex for us to answer the question, what are the necessary and sufficient requirements / qualifications to be able to answer such a profound question? Would there be any other beings in the universe capable of answering such questions? What are the chances for the existence of such beings? What are the chances of us on the earth to find them, and learn from

If there were no chances of any beings capable of answering such questions, when would such beings come to existence?

Why do we care?

Why do we care for finding an answer? Why do we even ask the purpose question? Is it because we are humans? We have developed over time the purpose question to ask of ourselves. Why did such a question develop in the human mind? Why do humans have the quest to know, ask deep questions and try to find an answer to all these questions? If the question of purpose were not important or impertinent, why did humans develop such thinking?

Why are humans on the earth? Why were humans chosen to develop such a brain? Why do we think we were "chosen"? What or who chose us?    


More by :  Dr. K.R.S Murthy

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