BJP Set to Repeat 2009 Blunders

In 2013 as I survey the Indian political scene the most striking point that hits the mind is that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is all set to repeat the 2009 blunders and has failed to politically exploit the issues of migovernance and corruption of the ruling Congress Party. The magic, the passion and convictions of a Party that had raised India’s expectations is missing. All because of a paralysed apex level BJP political leaders’ in a self-destruct mode intent on checkmating the rise of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the popular choice of emerging as India’s next Prime Minister.

On 6 September 2008 much before the General Elections 2009 in this Column I had observed the following under the heading “Bharatiya Janata Party Lacks Political Passion and Conviction

  • “The BJP can hardly expect to win the next General Election (2009) until it breaks out of its Congrssified fossil shell. The BJP leaders need to add vehement political passion and conviction to galvanise the people of India and especially the more than 30% of India’s enlightened middle-class who need to be converted into its natural vote-bank.”

  • “The BJP needs leaders like Shri Narendra Modi, the Gujarat Chief Minister who exudes political passion and conviction in his speeches and actions. As I wrote in an earlier Column after Modi’s victory in the last (not the recent one, but the previous one) Assembly elections that the major lesson that emerged from it was that India yearns for strong and resolute political leadership imbued with a sense of Indian nationalism.”

What is the state of the BJP today? The BJP has too many Generals all vying to be Prime Ministerial candidates from Advaniji to Sushma Swaraj and what have you!.

When the media asks as to why is the BJP falling shy of naming its Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 General Elections, the BJP stalwarts answer that it would be decided by the Parliamentary Board when the election results are out.

If that be so, then why was Advaniji declared as the Prime Ministerial candidate a year in advance. The following observation in my Column of 8 February 2009 entitled “India’s General Elections 2009-Perspectives” much before the 2009 General Elections seems pertinent in retrospect:

  • “The BJP has declared Shri Lal Krishna Advani as its Prime Ministerial candidate last year (2008) much in advance of the General Elections (2009) possibly as at that time there was a possibility of early elections.”

  • “However in a reflection of the mood of the country following Mumbai 9/11, leading Indian industrialists at a recent Conclave publicly declared that India needed a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi the BJP Chief Minister of Gujarat.”

The above indicates that the present paralysis at the BJP highest levels is that Advaniji has still not dispensed with his Prime Ministerial ambitions and the likes of Sushma Swaraj, Yashwant Sinha, MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and Uma Bharati are rooting for Advaniji as a possible Prime Minister because he is the “tallest leader in the BJP’.

The above is a serious disconnect with the sentiments of India–at–large and within the BJP cadres that Modi is the logical and natural top job.

Advaniji, it is my earnest entreaty to you is to come out publicly that you are not a Prime Ministerial candidate for 2014. If you don’t, then you are opening yourself to ridicule as the following media excerpt in response to your blog saying that in 2014 there would be a Prime Minister neither belonging to the Congress or the BJP:

Advani’s analytical exercises betray an excessive eagerness to build political scenarios that could under certain conditions, see himself – or someone whom he anoints – as the Prime Minister of a NDA Government. It is the surest sign that the old warhorse whom many believed that had been put to pasture, still reckons that he is within a shot of at the top job that has thus far eluded him.”

Surely, Advaniji at this critical juncture for the BJP you should rise tall and gracefully retire from active politicking and leave a legacy that you were the other pillar that brought BJP to its present eminence and not as a disruptionist directly or by proxy who stymied the BJP capturing power in New Delhi spearheaded by Narendra Modi – wanted by the country and the BJP cadres.

Disclaimer: I am not a member of the BJP and hence have any axe to grind. If I write with passion on political matters it is because I feel strongly that India today in a troubled security environment needs a Prime Minister in the dynamic mould of Shri Narendra Modi, whom till date I have not had the honour of personally meeting.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment Narendra Modi is the choice of India. Even Congress cannot find fault with him. Congress once tried to call him mautka sodagar. It did not work.
People abroad and institutions global wise are favoring Narendra Modi for
what he is and what he has done for Gujarat, role model for India. People
from beyond borders have visited Gujarat, but none has spoken against him.
Congress and media at times harp on what happened at Godhara burning train and after..Gujarat Government did what it could best and saved Gujarat
in shortest possible time. During the process innocent hindus and musalmans were killed as it happens every riot. It is better than what happened in 1984 mass killing is Punjab. ....Adavaniji is senior most leader
of BJP, that fact alone qualifies him for post of PM at the present time. He
had been elected from Gujarat for parliament. He was once a guardian of
Narendra Modhi who is now mending the faults. He is having meeting with
Dinsha Patel, his political opponent and paving the road to Delhi..BJP Leaders should learn by heart 'united we stand, divided we fall. Jay Hind

pranlal sheth
30-May-2013 22:35 PM

Comment Even if Advani becomes the PM, he is likely to serve merely one term as he is in 80s.

Once he exits PM's office, the only pride he would take is that he joined the elite group of living and late PMs of India.... SO WHAT ?

Advani Ji can recall how Deve Gowda and Gujaral felt after they left PMs office.

May be Advani ji is inspired by the great feeling Mr. Vajpayee might be carrying as a former Prime Minister. But Mr. Vajpayee did a lof of efforts to bring changes in the system can Mr. Advani do the same ?

I am afraid, he will not.

So, Mr. Advani, what is big deal in getting to the PMs post when it will not fetch ever lasting fame and reverence ??
In face, if you do a sacrifice and objectively try to bring the change, you stand high chances of gaining fame and long lasting reverence - because if will improve conditions of billions of Indians and India as a sate.

A rick person can become more famous and respected by donating to good cause than he would be if he spent same money in his own advertising !!

So, Advani Ji, why not become generous and gain much more respect while doing good to all of us ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
30-May-2013 06:11 AM

Comment BJP party reflects/represent the confused,disunited,scheming/backstabbing,short cut hunting and cowardly outlook of hindu majority..Advani as the most erudite and knowledgeable is also the most confused and probably devious.He is backed by a cabal including sushma who is his paav pakdo sidekick,yashwant sinha the vacillious and probably pussy minded easily arm twisted ambitious retired file pusher,Rajnath who cannot win even from his own constituency but wields extrodinary powers because he is the most amenable to many,ananthakumar who no one especially in Bangalore can fathom why he has so much clout.This entire cabal cannot win a seat in Lok sabha elections without crooked arrangement with the opposition.Then we have mysterious Jaitley.This guy is supposed to be hot shot SC lawyer but he is so pussy footed unobtrusive flying under the radar kind that he has filed no PIL to expose anyone of many hundreds of corrupt decisions of congis.Is he a stooge of the congis? He is another guy who will loose his deposit if he stands for elections in Delhi.His money and clout can win him DDCA seat but Loksabha elections are another kind.It is wonderful to see this bunch controlling BJP, no wonder the learned knowledgeable honest middle class/professionals who are aware of the dangerous ways of the congis which will destroy this country totally, are splitting their hairs, knocking their heads against walls in dusgust looking at this useless bunch to lead the party to win the election and change the destructive course of this nation. But then the saving grace is Modi.He withstood the onslaught of gandu family with the aid of 24/7 paid english channels without batting an eyelid.Now the payback time is going to come and it will be interesting to see whether he will go the whole way to crush the crooks.Modi's anointing is a given thing and the likes of DrKapila need not sweat over this.Lastly I hope the efforts of DrSwamy fructifies which alone will change the course of Indian politics.If his efforts result in opening a pasta making kitchen at Tihar, we can say with confidence India will turn around in double quick time.

30-May-2013 03:05 AM

Comment It is very risky for old LKA to think of PM position. If others are thinking that they can keep Namo at side will be wrong. Namo is our leader and others should make way for him. Or NDA can decide on two PM candidates out of which one will be elected after election if they get majority.

30-May-2013 01:36 AM

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