Whom is PMO Protecting?

Recall the Oil for Food scam probed by the UN appointed Volcker Committee which submitted its report seven years ago. Mr. Natwar Singh was sacked from the cabinet for alleged involvement in that deal after the Justice Pathak Commission probing the deal submitted its report. One would like to refresh the reader’s memory by what appeared in the article "Can Corrupt Politicians Preserve Freedom?" on August 15, 2006.

One wrote:

“The Pathak Report most conveniently dovetailed with the political objectives of the Congress. Mr. Natwar Singh "misused" his position but took no money. Therefore he deserved cabinet expulsion but no legal conviction. The Congress itself was exonerated. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to President Saddam introducing Mr. Natwar Singh. At the same time Mr. Natwar Singh wrote letters introducing Mr. Andaleeb Sehgal. The Pathak Authority considered Mr. Natwar Singh a facilitator. Why not Mrs. Sonia Gandhi too? Mr. Natwar Singh told media he fully briefed Mrs. Gandhi after his Iraq visit. He said: "I have not done anything in Iraq without the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi....Not even a leaf moves in the Congress without Mrs. Gandhi's knowledge."

If this is true, whether or not she saw his three letters becomes irrelevant. The amount allegedly pocketed by Mr. Andaleeb Sehgal and Mr. Aditya Khanna is a small fraction of the money realized from the vouchers. Where did the rest go? If Congress was the beneficiary it would distance itself from Mr. Sehgal and Mr. Khanna. Mr. Natwar Singh's letters left a trail. Was that what angered the Congress? The key question is whether or not Mrs. Sonia Gandhi knew of the oil vouchers enterprise. Until all the money earned from the oil vouchers is traced a final conclusion would be hasty. Even though the Pathak Report exonerated Mr. Natwar Singh from taking money he could not spill the beans. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) leaked to media information about the money trail leading to Mr. Natwar Singh's son, Jagat. The government therefore can arrest Mr. Jagat Singh at will. Was that why Mr. Natwar Singh first rubbished the PM and later apologized?”
Subsequently Mr. Natwar Singh made a sensational statement that he feared for the safety of his grandson’s life which was why he remained silent. Responding to that statement this writer expressed astonishment in these columns about the similarity between national politics and Mafia gang wars. All these facts are being recalled because of the latest development related to the Volcker Report. Five years ago the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) responding to a Right to Information (RTI) query denied possession of the reports of the Volcker Committee communicated to it by India’s special envoy on the committee, Mr. Virendra Dayal. But now the PMO has admitted to the Central Information Commission CIC) that it is in possession of the reports but will not make them public.

The brazen conduct of the government is astonishing. It must inform the public why it lied to the CIC in the first place. It must also explain to the public why the Volcker Commission Report cannot be made public. The government’s refusal to divulge the contents of the report makes mockery of the RTI Act. The public will draw the obvious conclusion that once again the PMO is protecting corruption of its leadership which if exposed would not only unseat the government but even disenfranchise the Congress Party.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment And look at the number of comments on this article , which has such a sensational and explosive information ...

There are 140+ reads, assuming 10% people read twice, this is read by more than 100 people, and is certainly read by elites and genuine people many of those are influential individuals as compared to an aam aadmi.


Are we so adjusted to this dirty environment that we lost ability to identify a foul smell to react ? Otherwise in a healthy sociaty (whether democracy or not), such a write up would spread over internet, over FB-twitter-mails-etc. and would become a topic of the gossip in public at least for a few days.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
03-Jun-2013 06:22 AM

Comment "Had the popular media groups of this country published these articles on front paper the line and direction of this country would have been different by now on positive side. " -

Who are the popular newsmedia? Who can change this corrupt land?

HindustanTimes -Owned by Birla family member who is part of Cong(i)
TimesofIndia-The jain banias are in all sort of crooked deals that they will stay away anything that ruling mafia control.Why place themselves in troubled waters?:
Hindu - It is run by a shit scared leftist who has a soft corner for white skins and anyone who is against BJP.This guy hates BJP.
IndianExpressDElhi-Shekar must be the quickest rich journalist in India and it will be interesting to know who has gifted all the money to him.
IndianExpressChennai/DEccanHrtald/Statesman/Pioneer/DeccanChronicle/DNA-All these are small circulation newspapers some of them surviving on handouts
Hindi newspapers- many of them have a huge circulation, can cause turmoil but almost all of them are owned by crooks or political parties.
24/7 news English channels
NDTV- surely cong(i) money is involved in this company which will sink easily in financial trouble.It is fronted by Roy a doon school goon pal of Rajiv.Roys shenanigans will one day hit the roof when the gandu family vanish
CNN-IBN- This is part owned by mukesh ambani? also has a diabolic wify who has benefitted immensely out of her father's shenanigans.
Times- This is a one trick pony controlled by the jains all their activism centered on money deals for themselves.Actually they are enjoying themselves in the current environment of grabbing as mush loot as possible.They must be cursing that each day is having only 24hours.
HeadlinesToday- delhi based media group who are shit scared exposing the first family.They will be swatted like a fly if they go after the delhi dons.

Let us look at the opposition-
BJP- part of their top leadership themselves are in trouble and will prefer to use the current disgruntlement to get into power so that they can strike for themselves similar deals what the first family has done.Of course they will use the image of hinduva even though you won't see them utter the word.The same network of crooked industrialists will start conniving with them once they ascend power.They will also strike a silent deal with the first family.You can mainly spot them in delhi and they almost control the party
Leftists - poor chaps all quiet because their clout has diminished after loosing wBengal.They had struck many deals with the cong(i) in the past.They will be the last to turn on them
Regional parties- They are easy targets for arm twisting having enjoyed themselves in all kinds of chocolates in their native lands'They hardly have time for other issues

Who else can make a difference?

Journalists - we all know what the popular ones are upto.There are plenty of radia type shenanigans.Those who are honest and well known are also the most coward.If they hear a police whistle, you will see them running away helterskelter.these are paper dogs

Judiciary - They can bring the crooks to book but in many cases the prosecutors themselves will file a defective case, the investigations will not come out with any evidence.So the courts are made meaningless.Some of the judiciary men/women also require scrutiny

Police /CBI/IT - All are controlled by government many of the officers are politically appointed functionaries.They have little inclination to to go after their masters.

Who raise the voice in media ?

A guy like DrSwamy has single handedly become the torch bearer of true opposition.His activity also has benefitted greatly by the honest upright formerCAG.All political parties will be shit scared of him including in BJP because they have a lot to hide themselves.He will be kept at arms distance even though some in opposition especially BJP will benefit out of his efforts.Jaya became CM of TN because of this duo's crusade against DMK.

Little voices like DrPuri/Nalapat gets heard but these are lightweights read by hardly any.

There is hardly any real opposition to the corrupt even though large population is aware of what is going on.They really do not have an alternative.Modi can bring this change and am fascinated how this change will take place.

01-Jun-2013 06:53 AM

Comment Mr. Puri,

I must thank you and for so much explosive and astonishing information provided over several articles without fear or favour.

Had the popular media groups of this country published these articles on front paper the line and direction of this country would have been different by now on positive side.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
31-May-2013 05:14 AM

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