Advani Must Go for his Political Delinquency

Advani’s political delinquencies seem to persist even after the BJP leadership took the call for a generational change in leadership in consonance with the overwhelming sentiments of the BJP cadres and the sentiments of a vast majority of India–at–large who are looking for the BJP to throw up a dynamic leader. Advani must go and there is no point in begging him to reconsider withdrawing his resignation. It is high time that the Vajpayee-Advani era is given a burial. India was not impressed by them and that is why both in 2004 and 2009 the BJP lost the mandate of the people of India.

Vajpayee-Advani era contributed to the Congressification of the BJP and this stands reflected in my earlier Columns of that time and later.

With his so called political sagacity and wisdom Advani should have followed General MacArthur’s addresses to the US Congress after he was relieved of his command that: ‘Old soldiers never die, they just fade away’. Advani just refuses to read the writing on the wall and refuses to fade away.

Advani’s blogging and making references about Hitler and Mussolini was in bad taste. Whom did he have in mind when he was making these reverences? Isn’t he who is behaving like Hitler blackmailing his own Party when BJP is on the cusp of returning back to power in New Delhi?

Advani has opened the BJP to political ridicule by his political delinquencies unbecoming of the ‘Tallest Leader of the BJP’.

Respecting elders as the BJP leaders are trying today to proclaim also in their hour of crisis generated by Advani’s political brinkmanship against his own Party concurrently carries a solemn responsibility that Advani behaves like an ELDER. Advani has not behaved like an ELDER and thereby in the eyes of ordinary Indians like this Columnist he has forfeited the right of respect of an ELDER.

If Adbvani now is trying to proclaim that he is “An All-Inclusive Leader” then why did he embark on his journey related to the Ram Janambhoomi Temple?

Come on Advani, come out clean. You are miffed because Modi’s elevation threatens your Prime Ministerial aspirations and his acolytes aren’t you?

Come on BJP president, you were brave enough to disregard Advani’s objections to Modi’s elevation. Let us now see you now letting Advani go for his political delinquency. Let Advani keep on blogging and let BJP move ahead.

In the extreme case BJP should dare Advani to split the BJP along with his acolytes who stayed away from Goa and their likes who developed ‘Delhi Bellies’ before Goa. The BJP should stop covering up Advani’s political delinquencies as it is providing cannon-fodder for the Congress and its so-called ‘secularists’.

Advani’s political delinquencies are no longer an ‘internal matter of BJP’. It is a matter of concern for all nationalistic Indians who want to be rescued from nine years of corruption and misgovernance.

This Columnist is neither a card-carrying member of the BJP nor an acolyte of Modi as I have never ever met him. My admiration for Modi arises from my belief that Modi is The Man of the Hour for India.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment One may be an admirer of Modi, but has that anything to do with a decent fare-wel to a leader who started his political career as far back as 1947 ? Was his contribution to BJP's growth all these years to be just wished off ?An impartial onlooker would not comment on the internal matters of a party like this ! Have you any axe to grind ?

Prof.B.Harishchandra Bhat
11-Jun-2013 10:10 AM

Comment one interesting question here...A party for right or wrong, got attuned to having a father figure at the helm. And that figure would intervene when they loewr cadre leaders fight...can BJP move on and accept the ideology and never accept the supremacy of any leader
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Bhaskar Hegde
11-Jun-2013 08:40 AM

Comment Kya kabhi VAJPAYEE JI ki icha ke virudh kabhi kucth nahi hua? Kya 2004 me inhi ADVANIJI ne VAJPAYEEJI ke chehre ko hi ELECTION POSTERS me se gayab kara diya kya VAJPAYEEJI resignation le kar khade hue?? Samman dhamki se nahi kartuto se milta hai ..... akhir thak kar 2009 se phir VAJPAYEEJI ke chehre ki jarroorat padi. Advaniji jaisa boege waisa katoge.

rk gaur
10-Jun-2013 21:51 PM

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