You too Mr Advani?

The latest imbroglio over the selection of Narendra Modi as the chairman of the national campaign by the BJP is quite unwarranted. It is definitely a pity that an octogenarian leader LK Advani sulked and relented of his stand within 36 hours. These clearly indicate that in India individuals self interest plays more over the party interest. If Advani with all his seniority and experience gets upset because of his elimination at this age, there is no wonder a person like Narendra Modi who had achieved a national level popularity in recent times (good or bad) aspiring to chair the campaign.

Further, BJP is a party which is said to be committed to the interest of this holy nation than the individuals and the great Indian philosophy, and in such a case it is RSS which has to exercise pressure on Advani to give up his adamancy.  At every stage, Indians claim they score over their counterparts in philosophy and the entire world is looking at India for how to lead a life of detachment and benevolence.  But, the childish act of LK Advani clearly shows that no man in India notwithstanding his experience in politics and personal life can relinquish power and position.

Then why pretend and preach philosophy to the world as if you are beyond all these?

Whether Narendra Modi will deliver the expected impact on the coming election is undoubtedly a moot point. But, LK Advani could not had been proved in the past. In spite of that, he aspires to lead with least consideration to the public of India and created ruckus creating a blot on his long and illustrious political career.

Indian philosophy is more of hypocrisy than ideals. Young or old, experienced or novice, educated or illiterate, good or bad, rich or poor, person with faith on God or not, all aspire for power and position forgetting their own merit or demerits. Objective self analysis is the rarest commodity in this country.

Advani’s ardent followers may stand by him for his age, experience and political acumen. However, if one looks at the recent happenings without bias they cannot but feel that Advani proved that he also belongs to the clan of ‘petty’ politicians and nothing more or less.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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