Advani and NDA Split!

After the announcement of the formal split between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Janata Dal United (JD-U) the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is left with three alliance partners – The BJP, Akali Dal and Shiv Sena. Mr. Sharad Yadav, JD-U President, has resigned as National Convener of the NDA. Mr. LK Advani continues to be the Chairman of this shrunken body. He reportedly contacted BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh after the split to point out that it was Mr. Narendra Modi’s elevation as Chairman of the BJP National Campaign Committee that has led to the split.

What was the point of Mr. Advani reiterating this obvious fact which every child knows? It can only be that it was stated as a complaint and a vindication of his opposition to Mr. Modi’s elevation.

So, what will Mr. Advani do next? Will he resign again or will he sulk as a dissident attempting to stall the party at every juncture?
Readers might recall that before Mr. Advani had withdrawn his resignation I had written that the political developments on the ground dictated that a split in the BJP was the natural and welcome option.

A split was advocated in order to polarize the party on a genuine political issue. It is always better to split honestly and take the issue of discord to the public rather than continue with a hypocritical unity based upon dissidence and constant covert sabotage. Mr. Advani failed to act then.

Now the logic of ground realities has driven him and his party sympathizers to confront the same hard decision they failed to take earlier due to lack of courage and conviction.

If Mr. Advani did not think the continuation of the NDA important he should not have expressed his displeasure publicly in the first place. If he thinks it vitally important to the future of the BJP he should take his opposition to its logical end. That is how honourable and principled politics should be conducted. It does not behoove a senior political leader to sulk and promote dissidence.

A few days ago advising Mr. Advani and his followers to split and join the proposed Federal Front I wrote:

“Both factions of the BJP would gain. Unfettered by dissidence Mr. Modi could exploit his enormous popularity at the polls which his followers believe he possesses. Mr. Advani would have the opportunity to test his belief that only inclusive politics can succeed in India by strengthening a Federal Front. Both Mr. Advani and Mr. Modi can test their beliefs. The public could judge. The nation would gain.”

This writer stands by his advice.

The question is, will Mr. Advani and his followers within the party stand by their beliefs?


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Narendra Modi is Narendra Modi. He was once a chela of Adavani who is now
fighting shy of him. It is not unusual that a chela goes of his guru..Mandate by BJP is in favor of Narendra Modi because it thinks MODI is the best leader in BJP though Adavani is most senior leader. Advani cannot and will not leave BJP until he thinks to join third front which is in offing . In the attempts in the past have failed thrice. God alone knows the luck of would be third front.
Advani should be satisfied to get honorable place in BJP

pranlal o
17-Jun-2013 18:22 PM

Comment mrPuri,, you are flogging a dead horse and am unable to understand that why you need to inject an utopian idea when the ground reality is that this highly crooked cong(i) regime especially sonia and her clan should be shown the door.Their antics have polarised the nation and their divisive agenda will finally destroy the country.faster they are kicked out better off the country will be.Now the idea of federal front consisting of mamta,nitish,jayalalitha and the floatsm and jetsm has no logic.The party ruling the centre should have wider appeal to the entire population rather than a mis match potpuuri of shortsighted regional parties.Congress still has that appeal especially among the muslims/christians/dalits and BJP has the rest.BJP could have easily grown to be a national party with foot prints in all parts but for the idiotic leadership of Advani/vajpayee.They hardly have vision and now very little energy.Advani's recent antics clearly demonstrate he has lost his head, probably senility has taken the toll.BJP needs to regroup castaway all the doubters and start planning to first organise the party for forth coming elections and also simultaneously create cadres in states like Tamilnadu,Ap,Kerala,Orissa,maharastra.All these states are crying for better governance.

17-Jun-2013 08:12 AM

Comment With the elevation of Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar and Advani's dream of becoming the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the NDA shattered, their recent behaviour becomes understandable.

Narendra Modi is a very dynamic leader. India right now needs such a person to get some respect on the world's stage. All the anti-Modi noise makers, be it Advani, Nitish or Congress leaders are flogging a dead horse about the riots.

Mr. Modi, you are the Man-of-the-Moment. Sell your Vision and your Leadership to the electorate, and salvage India from the clutches of the current rulers.

Mr. Advani, you have licked your wounds more than once. With your age and experience, become an adviser and a mentor rather than a competitor.

17-Jun-2013 06:54 AM

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