Let there be a Change!

So the media is very happy and the television channels have more grist than they can handle. ‘Who is going to be the Prime Minister?’ of this 1200million populated, highly democratic, terribly philosophic, enviably family bonded, ‘really’ God fearing, ever claimed to be developing and above all surprisingly whimsical Gandhian nation is the question being debated at length.

Well, with all the above mentioned credentials, the truth is that every individual whether he is a pauper or a billionaire wanted to be the Prime Minister of this country. Be it the man in the evening of his life like LK Advani or the absolute green horn to politics like Rahul Gandhi, every soul in India wanted to rule the country by sitting in that coveted chair.

What is the great attraction for it?

In India, I have been witnessing a strange phenomenon which I haven’t come across in other nations. In every sphere of life, majority of the people, irrespective of education, want positions without commitment. They want power without labor. There is absolutely no shame attached to it. When every other country in the world aspire and openly admit that they work for ‘money’ and wealth, in this land alone people try to preach that they want ‘austere’ living but aspire for ‘American’ salary. So incongruity is in our gene.
But, let me make one thing clear. Let anybody become the Prime Minister of India including the most intelligent, dynamic or revolutionary leader like Lalu Prasad Yadav. But, we cannot tolerate the Congress and its political allies like DMK etc anymore. They, in fact, during these two terms have looted the country and fooled the people to the maximum possible extent. The honorable Manmohan Singh had proved that he is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the Congress President.

So let the Indian people at least vote for a definite ‘change of power’. If they failed to do that, the media and the political analysts should not speak even one word about the rulers because the people get what they deserve.
If they could not give a clear mandate and opt for a change even at this stage, India will become a nation not only of 'corrupt politicians' but also more ‘corrupt people’ as majority.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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