The Divine Romance

Our life defines it! Yet we long for it, we think about it, we try to visualize it and we philosophize about it. We all have it in us to be one with God. We fail to notice it because we are so blinded by the matrix. We think that it is too high a goal for us and take comfort in what we are familiar with. If only we opened our eyes and see beyond' If only we open our mind and tune into the Divine energy which envelopes us wherever we are' If only we ask questions, God is waiting to give all answers we could possible handle!

On Relationships 

All of us love freedom, whatever kind it may be. To be free is human nature. Why is it so hard to accept nature? We accept the flowers, the insects, the trees, and the waterfall. We don't question nature. So why question freedom? We enjoy nature. So why not enjoy freedom. We share nature's beauty with our loved ones. So why limit freedom to ourselves?

All men are Shiva and all women are Shakthi. Shiva and Shakthi are deeply in love. There is great love and attraction between them. So, it is most natural that we as embodiments Of Shiva and Shakthi are bound to be attracted or fall in love with many people. Shiva and Shakthi find infinite ways to Make love to each other and we, as humans are one of the ways. We are just another playground for the Divine.

Marriage can be a healthy way for two people to feel one. But unfortunately, society has re-defined marriage to be a one-to-one and dependent and needful relationship between two people. We have been trained to listen rather than to live. What a pity!

True love exists without any dependencies, any expectations - just you and the Universe.

Thoughts or Feelings?
When I was in school, I think it was the eighth grade, there was a debate in class. The question was the following: Is it the brain or the heart that is necessary to live? Interesting question. I forgot about it for so long and now, the question becomes real. I translate the 'heart' as 'feelings' and the 'brain' as 'thoughts'. So, what is necessary to live - feelings or thoughts? Thoughts take you deeper into the matrix. They make you analyze, decipher, conclude. Analysis comes when there is Doubt. In God, there is no place for doubt or questions. Only answers that are nothing but the truth. Feelings are also thoughts at some level. The difference is that feelings can be experienced while thoughts can only be imagined. Feelings are proofs. They are real. Thoughts are almost real but are not.

On Happiness
So, what is it that makes us happy or unhappy in life? Many things. There are things external to us and internal to us that makes us happy or unhappy. Anything that is external to us is not permanent. That does not mean that everything internal is permanent. When our focus is internal, we sometimes have more control over our happiness. We can choose the things that make us happy. When the focus is external, we are totally at the mercy of our environment, letting it decide our happiness. If there is one thing that all of us want unanimously, it is happiness. We have to understand that everything is a process.

Our only role in life is to be aware of this process. Not manipulate it. Yet, that is what all of us do. We try to run our lives.

But why? We 'think' that money will give us happiness. We 'think' that sex will give us satisfaction. We think. That is the Problem. Thoughts come when there is doubt.

I will give a simple example. I am a mother. I have bought this wonderful bicycle for my son for his birthday. He has told me many times that he wants one. I know that he needs one. My son comes up to me and pleads for one. I feel funny. Coz, I know he already has it but just has to wait till his birthday. I wish he trusted in his mother to do the right thing for him at the right time. I think you get the picture' Trust in God to do what is best for you. Trust completely. Don't think. Know.

Body, the Temple
The human body is a temple. The soul is the Deity in the temple. Both co-exist. It is extremely important for us to honor this temple. It is where God lives. How can we treat the body any less than we treat God? God communicates with our soul through the body. We are in constant union with the Cosmos through the body. Our 5 senses help us experience the union with God. We all love to visualize a beautiful God.

What is stopping us from visualizing ourselves as God? We all love to decorate our altar. What is stopping us from decorating the temple? God loves to be admired for Her beauty. Remember that She also loves to admire the beauty of Her children. Feel beautiful. You will look twice as beautiful! The body holds the seed for pro-creation. The body has the power to make love, to make a new life and to give birth. Use the body to take you closer to God. Invoke God in you by meditating, by Rei-ki, by Yoga, by Tai chi, by Pooja, by Tantra' whatever makes you feel good at heart. God exists in you' and in everybody around you.

On Health
Our body is a reflection of the mind. When the mind is positive and healthy, so is the body. We all have to be more expressive of our feelings, both positive and negative. To do that, we all need a healthy environment where we can express all what we feel and never be judged for our feelings. Feelings are real and there is no right or wrong.

Somebody who accepts all of who you are and still loves you, is a God-sent gift. They are God.

The general rule of thumb is, if we want something, we first give.

Love unconditionally and accept completely. The lack of such an environment leads to suppression and inhibitions. Soon, we are in this shell, suffocating and dying to break free. Body and mind co-exist. So, if you are not going to do something about your suppressed feelings, your body sure is! Your body finds ways to express your feelings. So, what is the solution, if you are unable to find that safe ground where you are loved unconditionally? Eventually you will, but meanwhile, what all of us have to do is love ourselves unconditionally. We have to accept whatever negative thoughts that come to us. Illnesses are nothing but negative seeds in your mind. If you don't kill these seeds, they will soon grow into a huge tree that will be so hard to cut.

Be aware. Accept.
Be a witness to your own mind.
Admire it, laugh at it and embrace it.


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