Oh My God

There are two Gods in the world. One - that created human; the other – created by human. I believe in the God who created mankind not the one created by mankind. The God created by man has many names – Ram, Allah, Jesus…... The God who created us has no name or shape. It is an enigma and beyond the general reach of human as off now. We do not understand Him (or her?).

The early civilizations gave various names to this God as they could not understand rain, storms, lightening, floods, diseases, birth or death. As science progressed, we understood some of these phenomena and God’s name, as a driver behind them, was taken away. However, by that time, we the humans have also created a big halo around God. The business of religion spawned into a multi-billion dollar industry offering fulltime profession to many. So the Gods (of different religions) continued their shops.

Some shrewd guys (now called politicians) used God’s name to control the rest without being a king. This proved to be a very successful model to control the frenzy of general public. So the rules of life came out from these Gods thru the middlemen – Pray 5 times a day, eat veg food, go to Mass on Sunday, Fast on Monday ………An endless list of rules were designed to bind the followers into a cohesive bunch. That’s the reason why the God created by human has so many rules.

On the other hand, the God who created us does not have any such rules or expectations. He is shapeless, ageless and supreme powerful. He is a mystery. We as human are yet to understand this God. It is beyond our perception to see, feel or know this God. He is beyond the boundary of science or technology. He has not only created humans, but also created everything else in this universe (including the universe itself). We need to understand this difference. Otherwise we will keep following the bluff called religion and the Gods created by their leaders.

Someone raised a question in the social networking sites – why did God not save the pilgrims in Uttarakhand? Because He can’t. The Gods created by human do not exist and the God who created us has no control over our daily life. We are in control of all good and bad that happen to us.     

We must appreciate the tradition behind religious rules that exist today around the world. At the same time, it would also help us in knowing the efficacy of such Gods and their rules. Once this knowledge is internalized, no hate speech can instigate a mob to become communal, no amount of brain washing can turn a young boy into a terrorist, no Guru can make you to live a life that is not yours and above all…nobody can stop you from loving others. 


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Sanjoy Barua
28-Jun-2013 01:11 AM

Comment Simple, beautiful!!

27-Jun-2013 14:14 PM

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