Congress, Perceptively the Most Communal

Plagued on the eve of 2014 General Elections by widespread charges of political corruption at unprecedented levels and brazen misgovernance during the period 2004-2013, the Congress Party through its many loose cannons has unleashed a mischievous and diabolical onslaught on the BJP and Narendra Modi of communal politics. The facts are otherwise as perceptively and relatively it is the Congress Party which has indulged in Indian Muslims minority vote-banks politics for the last over six decades without contributing substantially to their upliftment.

There are many other Minorities in the Indian Republic but for the Congress Party there exists only one minority in India and those are the Indian Muslims, much as a growing number of Indian Muslims resent being type-casted as ‘captive vote-banks’ of the Congress Party and the other born again Secularists allied to them.

Why the double standards on the respect for sensitivities of other Indian minorities? If the Congress Party wants to harp on Gujarat Riots 2002, what excuses it has to soft-pedal for 30 years strong action against Congress leaders of inciting the 1984 Riots against the Sikhs, termed by many as genocide?

The Congress Party is decidedly a political party indulging in ‘rank communalism’ as the following sampling record would indicate:

  • The Congress Party is the only political party that has chosen both at the Central level and at States level to be allied with the various off-shoots of the Indian Muslim League — all decidedly communal in nature and intent. Congress Minister and spokesperson on Times Now TV panel discussion persistently refused to answer this charge despite many cornering by the anchor.

  • The Uniform Code Bill over the decades has been opposed by the Congress Party spurred by the fears of losing its captive vote-banks.

  • The Congress Party for decades has strongly patronized Indian Muslim prominent religious leaders with pronounced questionable credentials to issue virtual ‘fatwas’ not to vote for the BJP. The Indian Muslim vote-banks are held captive for the Congress by proxy use of such clerics.

  • Full scale integration of Jammu and Kashmir State by repealing Article 370 is avoided by fears of alienating the Kashmiri Muslims of the Kashmir Valley as opposed to the demands of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The Congress Party shirks from taking strong action against the Kashmir Valley secessionist leaders preaching virtual sedition against India. Why?

  • The hanging of Afzal Guru was delayed for a decade on communal grounds and the Government had to give-in under strong pressure from public opinion.

  • Who from the Congress Party communalized the Batla House killings in New Delhi of suspected terrorists resulting in the loss of life of one of Delhi Police brave heart police officer?

  • Who in the Congress Party was keen on chaperoning a visit to Azamgarh by Rahul Gandhi as it had come into focus related to suspect terrorist activities?

  • Is it not a fact that in Congress Party General Elections strategy analysis of constituencies is done in terms of Indian Muslim vote-banks and even casteist calculations? One thought the Congress Party was a ‘progressive political party.’

The list can go on endlessly but is sufficient to demonstrate that relatively the Congress Party indulges in more communalization of politics than any other political party.

Congress Party’s loose cannons throwing wild charges brazenly politicizing Indian internal security management and Indian counter-terrorism policies by constantly invoking the Gujarat Riots of 2002 and pitting one intelligence agency against the other towards political ends, bodes ill for the Indian Republic. Why all these diabolical and unsubstantiated charges and accusations should be being flung at the Congress Party’s main political adversary on the eve of General Elections2014?

The answer is obvious. What is bothering the Congress Party today and driving it to such rabid political behavior is not only the factor of double political incumbency but also more importantly its brazen record of unprecedented corruption and gross misgovernance. Diversion of Indian public opinion to non-issues like ‘Secularism’ and what I would now like to term as ‘Crony Secularism’ of the Congress Party, offers the only escape from its political predicaments.

Have the Congress Party big-wigs ever paid attention or analyzed as to what would be the impact of such a communalized political strategy be on India’s majority population of Hindus?


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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