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Libya ‘liberated’ by Western War Mongers
by K. Gajendra Singh Bookmark and Share

... under the pretext of so called humanitarian ‘Right To Protect’

Ever since West invented more and more lethal war machines, bombs and missiles to use Chinese invented gunpowder, they were on warpath first among themselves in Europe. Then, after the defeat of the Ottoman arms at the Gates of Vienna in 16th century, they began colonization of north Africa, then Africa and most of Asia under so called mission of civilizing the natives, who were much more civilized then them in most places.

There was some respite under the Mutual Assured Destruction strategic balance after WWII but following the Collapse of USSR in 1990, US led West has been on rampage. We will not detail them all but here look at what they have achieved under the policy of Right to Protect in Libya, a very rich and welfare flourishing state under Qaddafi with many more rights and freedoms then citizens of Western friends in Gulf led by Saudi Arabia.

While no exact figures are available, it was reported that before US led NATO and Gulf States began their bombing missions and testing missiles and other latest killing machines on Libyans, during the rebellion around 5 to 10 thousand Libyans had lost lives. Since then some reports suggest up to one hundred thousand fatalities including the US Ambassador Stevens have been estimated.
During the Libyan rebellion and the massive bombings and missiles attack by NATO forces I had written on March 10, 2011 − “Humanitarian Imperialism in Libya Could End the Whiteman’s Burden!”

A recent piece − Blood and Oil: Report Card from Libya by Vijay Pershad, an analyst, teacher and journalist of repute, gives an interesting analysis.

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Comment In order to understand our reality you have to look at our true history. If you seek the truth you will find it, in The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler or in D.M. Dunlop in his history of the Khazars. These Khazars were famous for craving perpetual wars since they were phallic worshippers and a parasitical tribe who didn't have any interest in settling in peace and devote themselves to agriculture. They loathed working the land. Instead they lived off the tribute of the trade caravans that were coming from India and China. Why is it that the empire of Khazaria was removed from our history books? It was kept a secret due to European governments and later world governmets being under the hidden control of the Talmudic international bankers who are the descendants of these Khazarian elite.

In the seventh century, the Khazars converted to Talmludism which was the Pharisaic satanic book of world control. In this book it is written that it is alright to have sex with animals, children and dead bodies. Today, we are seeing a plague of pedophilia, barn sex, and necrophilia.

If you read the book by Jack Bernstein you will further see who is in control of this world and that the AshkeNazi Jews were the ones in control of Hitler and gave their name to the Nazi party.

Ignorance is what allows our world be dominated by these dark powers. And these Masonic organizations like the Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Committee of 300 of which Henri Kissinger is a major players will illustrate as to why our world is so depressing.

It would help you as well to get a copy of the "Iron Mountain report" for you to see that this Orwellian reality is outlined in this report and it is happening now on a grand scale. The Iron Mountain report was commissioned by the administration of president Kennedy under the false auspices of creating peace in the world. The experts that wrote the report recommended solutions of reducing the world's population through perpetual war, and environmental pollution to make people sick. This is why the military industrial complex is out of control and only when people find the truth will we be free from this satanic, insane controllers.

Ben O.
07/29/2013 09:54 AM

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