Not Made in America

It appears that immigrants have no sense of nationalism, they have only a sense of making money. They will sacrifice national interest in order to gain some profit.

In the first case is a small episode of an Indian origin Australian national who did not stand up when national anthem was being played on a screen in one of the theatres of Maharashtra. The wife of Punit Issar, a film actor, whacked this IOAN for not standing up in honor of the national anthem who replied that he was an Australian citizen (for the time being forgot that India was his first nationality).

USA which speaks lot about democracy and civil rights, tacitly supports the Chinese authoritian regime for placing an order to buy steel worth $34 million for renovating its Verrazano Narrows bridge which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island near New York. The bridge which was opened in 1964 is in need of renovation and The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) of USA has placed the order with Chinese fabricator overlooking the American Fabricators placed near New York who could have done the job. In order to save some cost the MTA has gone in for inferior and dangerous products produced by China. It also overlooked the experience of San Francisco-Bay Bridge Project when California State experienced delays in the said project which began in 2002. The delay was caused by faulty welds from China which increased the overall /overhead costs besides threat of inferior product which even China’s official news Agency Xinhua acknowledges as being responsible for six bridges which have collapsed in China since 2011. California State had purchased steel from People’s Republic of China to renovate this bridge.

But what can we say about a country of immigrants which does not make its own national flag and outsources it to China. Even their olympic uniforms were Made in China.

USA is killing its own economy by not encouraging any manufacturing activity in its own backyard. For a few dollars more it is killing its own workers and companies who have to compete with cheap Chinese products and labour. There are about 20 million american workers who are not able to find jobs in the US. And when all the time USA talks about environmnent, human rights, democracy, and many other so called virtues, it forgets that by trading with China predominanatly and by hurting its own people, it is only aiding pollution, greenhouse gas which China is emitting through its faulty industrial plants. This pollution is not going to be restricted to China but to all the countries near it and across its seas causing global warming


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