Congress Ka Hath, Pakistan Ke Saath

Heatedly Observed By Yashwant Sinha in Parliament

The Congress Government has come under heavy fire from all sections of the Parliament on the Pakistan Army raid on an Indian post on our side of the LOC for its inactivity in not responding strongly against repeated Pakistani military provocations. Tempers soared sky-high when the Defence Minister delivered on the floor of the House a watered down statement different from the statement of the Indian Army which clearly referred to Pakistan Army participation in the raid and killing of Indian troops. In a heated retort BJP senior leader Yaswant Sinha, a former Foreign Minister was provoked by calculated Congress MPs interruptions to declare that it was becoming obvious that “Congress ka Haath, Pakistan ke Saath” which translated means implicitly that the Congress Government is more aligned with Pakistan than safeguarding Indian national security interests.

Noticeably, despite the national furor, the Indian Prime Minister has chosen to remain completely silent as is his wont of not criticizing Pakistan for its military provocations and attacks on Indian Army border posts or major terrorist strikes against India.

The entire country is incensed and seething with rage over the Indian Prime Minister’s propensity to resume the peace dialogue with Pakistan completely overlooking Pakistan Arm’s unending border firings, clashes and shelling. Noticeably coming into salience is the fact that the Pakistan Army has now started launching attacks on Indian Army border posts in conjunction with its Jihadi terrorist surrogates so as to have at hand a deniable plausibility exit.

The media reported that in the time between the Defence Minister’s statement in Parliament and the briefing statement originated by the Indian Army given to him which stated that Pakistan Army was involved in the raid on the Indian troops, the Defence Minister is reported to have had a meeting with the Prime Minister. Speculation is rife that the Defence Minister watered down his statement after meeting with the Prime Minister and then adopting an ambiguous statement that that terrorists and some people dressed in Pakistan Army participated in the killings of the Indian troops. All political parties asserted in Parliament that the Congress Government in so doing was providing an alibi for Pakistan.

The underlying aim is reported to be that if Pakistan Army was named directly, then the Prime Minister would be forced to call off the resumption of Peace Dialogue with Pakistan which has been a single point obsessive fixation of his ever since 2004.

Pakistani terrorist actions and proxy war incidents have interrupted this Peace Dialogue many times since but the Indian Prime Minister refuses to learn the appropriate lessons on the futility of pursuing the Peace Dialogue.

The Indian Prime Minister’s obduracy in pursuing his agenda of “Peace with Pakistan at any Cost” is costing the nation heavily both in terms of national security and more importantly in India’s national honor being trampled upon without appropriate responses; the least being to cancel the resumption of the Peace Dialogue.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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