Scams and Citizens!

The way scams are happening and illegal money is being amassed by concerned politicians, employees, corporate big wigs, and the like anti-social elements, together with criminals, smugglers, cheaters and like is the bane of the nation. None is ashamed or has respect for individual dignity, esteem or standing.

Looting nation and national resources have become the pastime and livelihood of many citizens and political parties too joined this band wagon by refusing to declare their sources of funds and the actual poll expenditure. Many politicians are even bragging about their expenditure running into crores putting the election commission in a spot. All are brazenly talking and behaving unlawfully because they are neither made accountable or punished for their anti-national bragging or deeds.

There should be fear or respect for the government. Else small minded goondas get encouraged and emboldened to commit all kinds of anti-social and anti-national deeds with no regard or fear. Such a situation undermines the authority of the government and chaos rules society and nation.

The looters of public money never like their "earnings" looted. This itself stresses that looting is neither welcome nor pleasant and should not be allowed, encouraged or patiently born. But who will and who can bell the cat except enlightened citizens? But when majority of citizens are for corruption, wrong doings, including rulers and representatives, who can save the crop being eaten away by the "fence"?

Better, citizens rid themselves of narrow-mindedness for the sake of their and nation'welfare and shun lures showered by vote-mongers and vote transcending individual caste, religion, region, like divisive affiliations.

It is our experience that representatives and ministers are more obedient to party hi-command rather than citizens' hi-command. They come to citizens for votes, forget them and become servants of command which gives the alms of positions in government and party.

Leaders of self-esteem and love for nation and people alone can redeem nation from present predicament and brazenness of selfish politicians, employees, corporates, goondas who are all putting earning illegal money above nation's and citizens' welfare and well-being.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Democratic arrangement is there by the, of the, and for the citizens and not by the, of the and for the leaders. It is democracy and not "leaderocracy"!

Let citizens triumph over traitor citizens in the form of dividers and looters.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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