Infertility: A Contemporary & Ayurevedic View

Infertility means if you have had unprotected sex for more than 12 month (or if you are over 35, six month) and are still not pregnant. Infertility, these days, is one of the major global health issues.

Here we are discussing causes of infertility as per modern and Ayurveda point of view:

First we discuss Ayurvedic view:

As per Ayurveda having sex by compulsion with person whom you don’t like, eating spicy, salty & hot food, increases pitta & destroy shukra (semen). Over indulgence in sexual activities leads to shukra kshsaya & it may lead to clibya (impotency). By controlling sexual urges for longer duration leads to veeryaavarodha (obstruction of semen) and this leads to decrease libido, these are the causes of infertility in male.

Three types of infertility describe,

  • Vandhya – having absolute sterility;
  • Apraja – cured with treatment; and
  • Sapraja women who become afflicted with infertility during her child bearing year after already conceiving one or more children which is related to secondary infertility

In ayurveda infertility had synonyms like Vandhya, Vasha, Avatoka, Avakeshi, Stravad garbha, Aphala.

In Harita Samhita six type of vandhya are describes 

  • Kakavandhya – In which second time she does not conceive
  • Anapatya – The women have no child or primary infertility
  • Garabhasravi – the women who has repeated abortion
  • Mritvasta – the women who has repeated departed birth
  • Balakshaya – infertility due to loss of bala (strength)
  • Unexplained – idiopathic

According to Ayurveda, pathology in one of the 4 character essential for fertility causes infertility they are Rhitu – is the ovulation period. Any abnormality in this period causes infertility

Kshetra – Anatomically and physiologically adequate Organ are one of essential character for fertilization

Ambu – proper nutrition, nourishment and adequate Harmon level and

Beeja – adequate ovum and sperm are essential for fertility

Some causative factor like yoni pradoshat, mansik abhitapa, beejadusrsthi, artava dusti, akala yoga, bala kshaya also affect fertility.

As per modern view:

First we discussing cause of infertility in female

Endometriosis – The uterine lining that sheds with each monthly periods called endometriosis tissue, grows outside the uterus is major cause of infertility

Ovulation problem – Any condition usually hormonal that prevent the release of mature egg from ovary

Poor egg quality – Egg that become damage or develop chromosomal abnormalities cannot sustain a preganecy. Egg quality declines significantly in late 30’s and early 40’s, hence later marriage and delaying parenthood is major cause of infertility in present period.

Polycystic ovary syndrome – Patient whose ovaries contain many small cysts have hormone imbalance and do not ovulate regularly.

Female tube blockage – Blocked or damage fallopian tubes prevent egg from getting to the uterus and sperm doesnot fertilised egg, causes included PID STD such as Chlamydia and previous sterilisation surgery

In male – male tube blockages – Any obstructions in the vas deference or epididynamic (the tube that transport fertile sperm)varioceles (vaicose vein) in the testicles and the most common cause.

Sperm problem – Low or no sperm count, poor sperm motility (the ability to move) and abnormal shape sperm can all causes infertility.

Sperm allergy – Fever than 10% infertility women and men have immune reaction to sperm, which causes them so produce antibodies that kill sperm cells. In men this is most common after vasectomy

Unexplained infertility – when we cannot find causes for infertility after full series of test and assessment.

In modern life style use of laptop are also included under the causes of infertility. Undeniably all devices have same effect on the body. Male in direct contact with laptop for long duration will causes the testicles area to overheat adversely effecting reproductive functions.

Tight feting clothes – jeans in men will force the testicles to remains closer to body increasing their temperature; this may slightly affect sperm count

Stress both mental and physically, rush hour traffic work difficulties, office politics, long working hours, financial worries, relationship problem etc. Stimulates adrenal gland to produce adrenaline and cortical that affected hormones essential for fertility. Progressive increase in obesity in many western cultures, smoking and alcohol are also major causes of infertility.

By avoiding these causes fertility can be prevented because Prevention is better than cure.


More by :  Dr. Rupali Wadibhasme

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