An Experience in Krishna Consciousness

That night I read articles in a magazine about human deaths throughout the globe in terrorist explosions and the hazards of pollution and global warming that are affecting us. I had a disturbed sleep. The same disturbance is carried and I did not feel fresh when I woke up next morning.

I went for a morning walk with a heavy heart. I was walking through a beautiful garden. The trees, the leaves, the creepers, the flowers, the fruits and the greenery greeted me with affection. I made enquiries with the blossoming flowers and have observed the nature around.

Just then the spring has set in. The cuckoos are singing hiding here and there after eating the tender mango leaves. The birds made pleasing and harmonious sounds. The cool morning breeze has touched me gently and made me feel better. The sun is rising in the east. When I am experiencing pleasantness and am joyful, I saw a figure under a mango tree appear before me.

Kasturi tilaka’ is on His forehead. He has worn ‘Pitaambara’. A garland made of “mandaara’ flowers is gracing His neck. Peacock feather is gleaming on His head. The tender bamboo stick touched by His rosy lips is playing melodiously the ‘Bhoopala raaga’. Adorned like this appeared before me the sky-blue complexioned God; the Lord who takes care of you and me; the venerated spouse of Goddess Lakshm.. He became the vision that filled my eyes.

I ran towards Him like a released arrow with excitement, eagerness and joy. I reached Him and fell at his feet like a flower. My hands touched His lotus-feet. Raising my head, I looked at Mukunda. My eyes became tearful. Tears rolled down my cheeks. With tears of joy I washed the feet of the Lord. My excitement subsided. I became cheerful.

Looks expressing devotion as leaves, affectionate salute with folded hands as sweet fruits, the chant of Narayana astaakshari as water and heart filled with love for Him as flowers, I offered the Lord and worshipped Him.

He smeared my body with His hands, wiped out my tears and comforted me like my beloved and caressed me like mother. I closed my eyes in delight and enjoyed the hug of the Lord like a child. With the touch of Narayana, I experienced inexplicable bliss.

Then I spoke to the Lord:

You make us speak; you make us learn the alphabet, the language, the sciences, the arts and skills, and the tatva; you make us compose poetic works; you feast us all with the delights of our chanting your name. In which sequence of words shall I sing your glory my Lord, so that I am happy and you are delighted?

You create all the tunes and fill the universe with melodious sounds. Nature overflows with joy by listening to your musical notes. How shall I sing your praise, in what raaga, except with anuraaga!

I do not observe any austerities. I do not know what meditation is. Mantra and tantra, I never heard about. Though my mind is always counseling to chant your name always, I am neglecting because of my laziness. Due to lack of discrimination I am unable to distinguish between the right and the wrong. In such a state of mind, I am unable to retain your form in my mind. Take care of me, Oh! Savior of Gajendra!

What is this, my Lord?! Man kills man in the name of religion, region, language, ideology, culture and caste! What is this, my Teacher! Man is making himself and his surroundings vulnerable by destroying nature and is polluting himself and environment! Is the end of this Yuga approaching?  Or is it that Lord Siva has opened his third eye? Tell me creator and sustainer of all worlds. Tell me Protector of us.

Then Lord Krishna spoke enchantingly:

I am you and you are I. There is no difference between us. Can you differentiate between water and water? In quality and essence you and I are same.

Religions are not insane. Human-beings in charge and control of religions, regions, languages, ideologies, cultures and castes are insane. Religions and all such institutions are in wrong hands. Do not blame institutions for the failure of human-beings in charge and control of them. Human-being by nature possesses three characteristics-beastly, human and humane, in proportion. One behaves like, a beast, human or humane person as the nature then prevails.

You have left institutions to beasts and are observing the indiscriminate destruction without proper concern. You lost the knack of easing the burdens. Advancement, neglecting human feelings, needs and human existence has no meaning. It is mere empty progress.

We created rivers with crystal pure and sweet water for you. You are making them streams and pools of chemicals. We created fresh air for your breathing. You are replacing it with poisonous gases. We created trees for your benefit. You are converting forests into deserts.  If few human-beings are polluted we can punish them. If the whole humanity is polluted, whom to punish?
You are beyond our control. We too became spectators like the sun and the moon and are painfully observing your foolish and self-annihilating deeds and advancement. We devised a plan to keep you here on earth and let you enjoy the beauty and treasures of this beautiful planet for millions of generations. You are only looting, plundering and damaging it unwisely.

Awaken before the damage is done beyond repair. We are no longer your custodians. We, the Lords of all religions have decided to live in the hearts of the compassionate humane human-beings and help you through them only.

Neither conventional religions nor any other ideology has to prevail, no more or longer one over the rest.  Only Humanism, the essence of all religions and ideologies shall prevail. It’s time for the union of hearts ignoring all divisions and fight foolish persons among you for the welfare of all, the living and the non-living on this planet. It is between you humans of two kinds: the foolish and the wise; the cruel and the kind-hearted; the selfish and the compassionate.

If foolishness prevails over wisdom, you will perish. If wisdom prevails over foolishness you will survive and flourish together with the living and the non-living, which is essential for your existence and enjoyment of nature and its beauties.

It is completely in your hands. Wise people of the world should unite and save yourselves and the earth.  You only are your custodians and saviors. Heed to this advice. If you follow fools your extinction from this planet is imminent. Choice is yours. Flourish or perish.
Thus speaking, the full-moon of sage Vyasa’s heart, the personification of the devotion, love and compassion of Alwars, the activity of all religions and ideologies, the radiance of compassion in humane hearts, the beloved consort of Radha, the form of Mahavishnu, filled in my heart and pervaded throughout me.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Excellent !! Very touching, it's come straight out of your Heart. Hare Krishna. Hari Bol. God Bless.

Kamal Kothari
15-Oct-2013 13:53 PM

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