Long Live Human Frailty and Discretion!

Many join social networking sites more as a status symbol and not necessarily to make new friends or renew and deepen existing friendship.

It has become a fashion now-a-days to be member of social networking sites.

The word friend does not suit here. It must stop as stranger; because even after months and years of “friendship”, no one at least even greets or communicates over social networking site. Of course it is the likes and dislikes of the individual and he or she is completely free to do or not to do what he or she wants.

This trend of joining social networking sites has also unfortunately started creating problems in individual’s personal and private life.

Still people are enamored of being active on social networking sites. Rather it has become a “vice” without which we cannot “live”; which is the experience of all of us.

Very interesting addiction! As time flows, our vices get added rather than are subtracted. Of course heart is frail and rules the mind and discretion and dominates the actions of the individual.

Love and vices rule the heart and make it vulnerable to advances.

But love is intuitive nearness and might be the desire to be active on social networking sites.

Humans are equally beautiful when they conquer their heart as they become slaves to their heart and to its whims and fancies.

A human being is not complete only with virtues. One must have “vices” too to make life complete! To be frail and strong mentally when require is the greatest admirable and adorable trait of human beings.

So only so many are able to “live” the lives. Else the life must have become stale and dry. But also the consequence of falling prey to heart’s dictates or rather longings are to be faced.

Wish the same strength of mind helps humans to face life in its entire vicissitudes.

Long live human being! Long live human frailty and discretion!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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