Modern Black Hole Theory &

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Exploring the universe, modern scientists have discovered the current principles of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu at work. The ancient rishis and their study of Vedic astrology clearly were the founders of modern day astronomy. As observers of the truth, which is what the Vedas are a compilation of, they observed celestial bodies, their movements and the effects on the human psyche. Introducing truths about the nature of the universe that are only beginning to be re-discovered today by “cutting edge” minds and the most brilliant of scientist using the latest equipment. The rishis where able to achieve this with only the power of the mind and awareness of the true essence of consciousness, no equipment was required! While the rishi’s of Vedic times used terms such as Agni, Indra, and Soma as important deities, it was understood that over time different terms and names would be used by humanity. For the purpose of clarity we will use the terms Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. They will more clearly illustrate the concepts of this article. 

The rishis tell us of the galactic center of the universe, which feeds energy to all the galaxies and solar systems of the universe. A modern discovery is beginning to reinforce this belief. To explore this three centers must be identified, 1) the center of a solar system (Sun), 2) The center of a galaxy, 3) the galactic center of the universe. Our focus here will be on the first two centers. In exploring these two centers we will discover the current Hindu principles of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu at work. Those these same principles can be explored using the galactic center of the universe also. 

Before beginning it is important to understand what the theory of a blackhole is. While this is a vast and complex subject, we will try and provide a brief introduction. A blackhole is a star that has consumed so much of its energy that it no longer is able to release that energy and becomes overwhelmed by its own gravitational forces. In essence collapsing in on itself. This collapse actually creates a tear or warp in the fabric of the universe. This warp is theorized to bend time and space, it is a place where the laws of physics possibly don’t exist as we know them. Space and time become infinite.

It all began with the search for blackholes in the universe. Originally there was only a theory about the existence of blackholes, but over time using radio telescopes scientist began to receive glimpses of blackholes but only while they were “feeding” or consuming matter. It is during this “feeding” time that particles are expelled through the polar points of a blackhole, allowing it to be seen with radio telescopes. Over time a blackhole was discovered in the center of a galaxy. The question arose “could there be more blackholes at the center of a few galaxies?” After watching matter and objects “warble” while circling the center of galaxies, it was discovered that most if not all galaxies have a blackhole at their center. This was a revolutionary discovery since blackholes are viewed primarily as destructive devises. This clearly is one of the many aspects of Shiva, but functioning on the scale of a galaxy. The next question for the scientist was “why do blackholes appear to turn on and off with their “feeding”?” With their tremendous gravitational pull blackholes should consume an entire galaxy over time. The discovery was quite exciting. It was discovered that “winds” or energy being released at the poles of the blackhole actually pushes against the matter of the galaxy, which is being pulled by the gravity of the blackhole. Once the wind from the blackhole equals the pull of the gravitational field from the blackhole equilibrium is obtained and the blackhole stops “feeding”. This balance or preservation principle is a manifestation of Vishnu. 

If this balance is disturbed the Vishnu principle stops and the destructive principle of Shiva begins until equilibrium is obtained again. The energy being ejected from the blackhole becomes the basis for creation within the galaxy (Brahma). 

This process can even be observed in the actual blackhole itself. When the blackhole is not “feeding” equilibrium exists and the Vishnu principle dominates. Though the Brahma and Shiva principles are still in existence, we will explore this in just a moment. If equilibrium is lost then the Shiva principle of destruction activates through the blackhole beginning to “feed” again. This feeding causes the expulsion of molecules and initiates the creation principle again. We can even go so far as to see that this process of is occurring on the molecular level of the blackhole itself. Steven Hawking proved mathematically that it is possible for the blackhole, even with its tremendous gravity, to slowly lose a molecule at a time. So over time a blackhole will eventually cease to exist due to the loss of molecules. Once again the loss of molecules (Shiva-the destruction of the blackhole), will eventually lead to more creation (Brahma-through the molecules being some of the building blocks of matter—escaping the infinite time/space, and generating finite time/space matter), and all of this occurs even during the period that the blackhole is “not active” or feeding; what we would call balance or the Vishnu principle.

We can see the trinity (Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu) manifest even in the physics and quantam physics formulas for calculating the event horizon of blackholes. Which is the only current way known to estimate the size of a blackhole. The event horizon is the point in which light can no longer escape from the gravitational pull of a blackhole. The mathematical formula is GM/c2 where G is the gravitational constant, M is the mass of the black hole and C is the speed of light. In this formula G can be viewed as Vishnu, Brahma would be the factor M, and Shiva would be C. It should be noted that depending on how one were to look at it the roles of Shiva and Brahma could be reversed i.e. Shiva=M and Brahma=C. 

A similar process exists on the solar system level also. Equilibrium is obtained between the Sun and planets (Vishnu), eventually the Sun will go super nova and destroy this solar system (Shiva), only to begin the long process of creation again (Brahma). Even within the balance of the solar system (Vishnu), Brahma can still be seen at work through the solar winds and magnetic waves from the sun that are channeled to the poles and stimulate the inner core of the earth giving physical manifestation to Agni on the earthly plane. 

The greatest gift the Rishis left for us is a reminder of the power of mind and an understanding of consciousness. With these two, we each are reminded that we truly are a limitless, boundless, being. Overtime scientist will re-discover the Vedic truth, that all the universe is fed from the galatic center. This will open the door for the realization that man exists within a huge field of gravitational and magnetic impulses. These flows are reflected by the planets (grahas). It will be realized that mankind has actually had the ability to read these fields from at least 6000 BCE. 

It is important to note that Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu are much more than just forces within blackholes, or the galaxy. But being terms for the divine truth, they must have their representation in all things. We must learn to see the trinity of divine principles (Gods) manifest in all aspects of life and creation. To see and understand this was the ability of our ancient ancestors, and it is each of ours birthright. 

Sources and reference:
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Comment The distance between the earth and the moon is written in Hanuman chalisa in sanskrit.U can verify.

Dr kumar anand
12-Sep-2020 07:01 AM

Comment not a single scientific discovery came from ancient texts like the vedas but it can somehow magically explains every modern scientific theory..AFTER papers are published

e.g. mass energy equivalence is nowhere in ancient texts. a few decades after einstein, vedic scholars suddenly find mass-energy equivalence explained in hindu philosophy.

how about revealing something unsolved using vedas like quantum gravity? not going to happen.

science comes from hard work and observations not divinity

17-Jun-2020 12:52 PM

Comment Can i see blackhole ? Or what i see a black dot or bindu is a blackhole? Its always here in front of me I am 28 and finding it hard to understand whats inside going on in my mind . I Scored 91 in Science in class10 and i brag about it as well, but now this black dot is taking me to places like google singularity, blackholes, trinity, hinduism and yes of course any modern rishis anywhere these days understanding science with mind and conciousness?

11-Jan-2017 13:23 PM

Comment Hello Tom,
Extraordinary insights about Hindu gods, particularly Shiva. You have forged into the ancient knowledge present within Hinduism for thousands of years. Yes, you are right about the re-discovery of same knowledge by modern scientists again.
I would like to add to your knowledge, you mean Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva are some principles, but according to me, they are real entities in this universe. You have related all three (Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva) gods with 'Black Hole' theory. I also have a similar theory regarding these three deities, which explains not only their appearance but also answers some basic symbolism associated within Hinduism, like:

*) Why Shiva is worshiped through Shivlinga? How Shivalinga represents lord Shiva?
*) Why Shiva is having third eye?
*) Why Shiva is holding river Ganga in his hair?
*) Why Shiva wears Snake around his neck?
*) Why Nandi is Shiva's vehicle?
*) Why Shiva is called eternal Yogi?
*) Why Shiva is called Vastospati, lord of Vastu (structure) and Pasupati, lord of animals or living beings?
*) Why Shiva is called Destructor? How he is responsible for creation?
*) Who is Kartikeya?
*) Explanation of Nataraja as destructive cosmic dance of Shiva.
*) Birth and death of lord Shiva and much more...

Yes, I know the real Shiva. I have published a book on same topic:

“Brahma Gyan - The science behind Shiva” by Ravikumar Kakde

Available on amazon at:
USA: www.amazon.com/Brahma-Gyan-science-behind-Shiva-ebook/dp/B01LY6RDQF
INDIA: www.amazon.in/Brahma-Gyan-science-behind-Shiva/dp/9352672852

I would like to have your views about this theory of mine.

Thanks and Regards
Ravikumar Kakde

Ravikumar Kakde
10-Oct-2016 02:07 AM

Comment Hello Tom,
You have enlighten us in advance way and successfully explained the relation between ancient Rishis explanations given by ancient Rishis and modern science. It is great effort to correlate the ancient discoveries with modern science. Yes God is denoted as Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva by most capable and intelligent ancient Rishis. They have divided the entire universe in three part i.e. GOD, LIFE and NATURE. God means to say Power, energy, capability of creation and destruction. Life mean to say the activities going on in physical world and Nature mean to say the resources to create life. God has again divided in three parts as per his functions. Vishnu mean to say positive energy helping in recreation and facilitating in its function. Brahma mean to say the act of creation with the help of positive energy (Repulsion of molecules from Black holes) and Shiva means the negative energy which is necessary to balance the forces by means of destructions. These are fully applicable in the physical World everywhere including small molecules itself.

S.P. Singh
26-Feb-2015 01:46 AM

Comment Hello Tom,
Thanks for such wonderful blog.Also I'm not sure(about name of purana) but in "Narada Purana" the description about black hole is given and time space warping is also mentioned there.It says that black hole is nothing but brahmalok and it is changing many times per second (says Naradaji)--> similar to black hole.
Also though its true that we are seeing many galaxies at time or i would say we're recognizing them from light coming from those galaxies but I have read that existence of those galaxies may be an illusion I have read about this from some blog where it was written about Einstein and his colleague (sorry forgot his name) who discovered that when some light enters in our eyes then it may be 100s of years old(emitted by distant star) but that parent star from which that light was released ,the atoms of that star already know that light from them is going to enter in your eyes (before your birth on earth) and Einstein also agreed this fact.I spoke much more ,just to tell that it is possible that there exist one huge galaxy from "Vishnu's" navel these all are small part of that huge one
(sorry for my average English)

06-Oct-2014 11:41 AM

Comment As per Hindu mythology Surya is also called as Aditya Narayan .it shows that sun is nothing but equal to Narayna as PALANHAR .All the life's on earth is because of sun as main source of energy.As we know that the birth of brahma is from navel of Vishnu and than brahma creates his SHRISHTI. when any big star dies it throws all the element from its navel (centre) in the space and all the planets ,living things etc are made of this stardust. The description of Shiva is exactly as per black hole. (1) Shiva is called as KALO KE KAL MAHANKAL that means Shiva is time less and in black hole time and space both get stagnated (2) As per old Hindu religious documents Shiva separated Adi Shakti from him to create word . When black hole gets saturated (QUSARCS) it releases energy from its polar point to create new galaxy. (3) Shiva drinks poison it means same as black hole which sucks all the dead material of universe recycles it and again gives back to create new universe. So in my opinion Sun= Narayana, Brahma= Star dust coming out of nanel of dying star and Shiva=Black hole. The whole SHRISHTI is eternal it goes in cycle from as black hole crushes all waste matter and converts it in to pure energy and when saturated releases this energy .When this energy gets cool down it makes hydrogen atom which is fuel to sun . when sun dies it creates matter and when matter comes to its lowest energy level it again sucked by black hole and eternal cycle goes on. Regards

anil g abhyankar
05-Aug-2014 05:26 AM

Comment Dear Kiran,

hinduism does not preech advaitha, it embodoes many philosophies together. Dwaitha siddhantha is all about 'no single soul is the same and hence becoming brahma is infinitely not possible!' Dwaitha siddhantha by Madhwacharya(avatar of Hanuman) preeches 'no two living things are same, no two non-liviving things are same and never can one living thing become equivalent to a non-living thing!' jada-jada bheda, jeeva jeeva bheda, jada jeeva bheda. souls are different and the supreme god is different, souls can never become one in god!

11-Dec-2013 11:30 AM

Comment I do agree with Mr.Bijotkar.

Shalini Krishnakant Bijotkar
19-Feb-2013 05:27 AM

Comment I got to know some facts about the black hole and also about the bramhalok the abode of bramha, I found that most of the things were common in both. Say, I got to now the bramhajyoti which periodically comes out of the lok and I was knowing about the matter discharge by the black hole, both are the discharges of light. I also got to know that both are non reflectors of light. Looks they both are very similar. I think that the black hole is none other than the bramhalok itself i.e. the abode of the creator himself.

28-Oct-2012 01:38 AM

Comment Nice insight!
However my opinion is, Vishnu happens to be the supreme Brahman or the point source from where everything emanated. And if so, the center of galaxy could be Vishnu's navel -- the point where Brahma is seated. Current day Physics says that a spiral galaxy is generally centered around a supermassive blackhole. A blackhole helps in the creation of a galaxy; and if so then Brahma could be thought of this Blackhole itself. There are millions of galaxies like this with a Brahma seated in each and everyone of them; much like the idea Brahma created the creation (in this case creation is galaxy). However there is one god (Vishnu) who is outside the realm of space and time and is transcendental to our universe. Shiva is once again another representation of Vishnu and hence too is out of Universal concoctions of Space and time and understandings (remember Shiva's definition in Vishnu-ism? Shiva is the one who after maha-pralaya lies on a thousand hooded cobra).

29-Apr-2012 01:55 AM

Comment omg!!!!!!!! itna bada :P :(

Susaine Williams
26-Apr-2012 11:01 AM

Comment I, Basicaly, student of inorg. Chemistry,Passed in 1978,with M.Sc. from Uni. of Bombay. trying to find the origion of truth of cretion(visnu) restoration (Brahma) Retration back to resend to origion from it receieved,(Mahesh). Belive on the consept of this theory, but like to find out the circulation, to be restore or stop, regenaration of circulation of above theory. No doubt, being Hindu, it is better to understand the theory of above, by all mence as chem, Bio-Chem., Physics, phycology, vadas @ other principals of any sorce present. I bellive on theTime, may regards to control @ may devlope, in the hands of creature on the any planat of univarse or beyond the scope as of planats, black hole, or may be white hole or any ect. no doubt above theory may be granted as base, but it may be ceriain as the theory of perodic table unusval behaviour of elements, occourance properties,ect. which may gives the non returnable journy to us to satisfy Called MUKTI,as by all mence. Regards, Exp. fed back.

11-Aug-2011 01:15 AM

Comment Hello Tom,

Excellent explaination for a person like me.. who is not able to relate why so many gods were created in INDIA which preaches advaitic philosophy (EVERY THING IS ONE). Perhaps historians wanted to name each feature of that supreme being with a name so that one can understand it better.

But I still want to experience that infinity in me.. perhaps would make this fact more concrete in my mind.

However thanks very much for the wonderful blog.


30-Apr-2011 15:53 PM

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