The Citizens and the Politicians

Politicians took for granted the citizens in India banking heavily on the practice and implementation of their divisive politics clubbed with promising moon to the voters. They also are used to announce free-bees and purchase votes in addition to paying cash and providing liquor. 

So cheaply they treat the citizens of India. Their affiliation and servitude is to the party high command and not to the nation or citizens (voters) who elected them.

They, all these days played with the sentiments and narrow-mindedness among voters of liking their own caste, community, religion, region and reaped the harvest of getting elected, getting authority, and links to make illegal money and bring criminals to the political field. No party is exception to this unhealthy, dangerous, anti-national and anti-social perpetuation and crime on nation.

The leaders of Andhra are made to be fish out of water by the committed and determined citizens raising above all divisions and giving night-mares to the so called leaders, who in reality are mere slaves to their party leadership having in mind only their personal welfare and well-being and their family's. They finally started talking for the people. But how far they act for citizens is doubtful. They use the same caste, community, religion, etc., cards to divide the movement for united Andhrapradesh.

How far the citizens can resist that pressure is worth watching. If the same Unity is exhibited during voting also, without succumbing to divisive politics and lures, we can have better representatives who can take care of our needs and maintain law and order. And we feel we have a government and governance. We also feel we are in a democracy, and not a monarchy, oligarchy, dynastic political rule.

Then every Tom, Dick and Harry, right from politicians, corporate big-wigs, criminals, terrorists, anti-national and anti-social elements to corrupted chotaa government servants, who are squeezing us of our money in the form of bribes unashamedly and without fear, who are victimizing us in our own country, cannot take us and our welfare and well-being to be none of their business and continue exploiting us for their selfish ends.

As a central minister told today with anguish (not necessarily after realization), that citizens are dictating terms to leaders and not leaders to citizens during this overwhelming and wholehearted movement going on in Andhra region of India to keep Andhrapradesh united.

The whole national press and news media ignored (purposefully or by negligence and ignorance); this voluntary and massive protest against the wrong and insensitive decision made and announced without being aware of the needs and minds and hearts of the citizens. Whether this is out of arrogance or ignorance is not known as of now.

Citizens can teach the leaders many a lesson, if they do not allow themselves to be divided based on caste, community, religion, region, sub-nationality, ideology, and any kind of ism, and feel emotional integration as Indians, despite so much diversity, and are together in building a nation of wealth, health, peace, and compassion, contributing to the nation and not aim at undeserving benefits.

Let Andhra citizens be inspiration to rest of India in blocking the selfish politicians in tinkering our, the Indians' dignity, prosperity, well-being and show them their place.

Else we continue to be exploited by these selfish politicians whose sole aim is to get stinkingly rich by all corrupt and illegal means and keep us in deep slumber of poverty of dignity, money, culture, civilization, nationality, and like positive minimum guarantees; that must be available for us naturally in a democracy set up.

Wish Indians realize how they are exploited by the politicians and respond as ONE to save themselves and the nation.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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