A Cunning Fox

There was a fox living in a forest in the outskirt of a village. One day, the fox was moving in search of food in the jungle. He accidentally fell into an unused well. The fox tried to get out of the well but he couldn’t. He lost all his hopes of getting out from the well.

At that time a goat was passing by the well.

By seeing a fox in the unused well, the goat asked - “Hello! What are you doing inside the well? Is this water sweet?”

Then, the fox got a very good idea and then he acted and replied - “Too sweet! I had drank so much, I might faint.”

After listening to the fox, the foolish goat jumped into the well. The clever fox rode on the goat’s back and climbed out of the well by saying - “Thanks for the help. Come out when you can.”

The little goat felt very sad and she thought what her mother used to say - “Be careful how you take the advice of people you don’t know.”



More by :  Aniket Mohapatra

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Comment Thanxx a lot Moloy sir.....

28-Sep-2013 10:18 AM

Comment very nice story with a lesson to learn...

06-Sep-2013 03:58 AM

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