Criminals and Law Abiding Citizens!

Criminals, politicians, businessmen, corporate giants, people adept in fine-arts, patriots, anti-national, anti-social elements, intellectuals, teachers, doctors, lawyers,Government Officials, like diversely talented, qualified, aiming, coexist in a society or nation; with cross-purposes of bad people having selfish, corrupt intentions playing havoc with the lives of peace and prosperity loving citizens.

And interestingly, unfortunately and obviously people with crass purposes and who are engaged in all kinds of uncivilized, uncultured and dastardly intentions and actions  dominate the society or nation causing suffering and disturbance to peaceful and law-abiding citizens.

Lack of human and humane values and lack of fear of punishment or accountability for wrong deeds and crimes against nation and society among law-breaking individuals, is responsible for all financial, economical, social, moral and spiritual criminal doings by the criminals and create woes for peacing loving citizens.

Criminals of all kinds must be punished severely so that it acts as deterrent against new and fresh offenders. Such offenders against nation do not deserve any human rights and their cruelty against humanity and society is not pardonable.

The criminal-minded know that if they spend some days without any shame in jail, they can come out on bail and enjoy their loot for their life with their kith and kin; who in turn inherit that loot and be "rich".

Very intelligent these offenders are! How can a nation develop when many of its citizens are looters? It is really sad that criminals roaming in the streets again as leaders after spending months in jails. Really legal system has to work faster. Else all criminal minded are encouraged to commit crimes because there is no punishment even if caught. Shamelessness and criminal mind are their assets.

Showing sympathy to such cruel criminals is the perversion of certain rights' activists, who champion all killings, acts against humanity talking about human rights; when ordinary citizens and law abiding persons are mascred without any mercy or sympathy by these anti-humanity elements.

It is hard to understand this psychic state of these aactivists when they do not utter a single word concdemning the criminal and murderoous acts against innocent and unconcerned citizens but come forward immediately when the state punishes these crime-indulgers.

There are no human rights for law breaking people and criminals when they violate the dignity, safety, right to live and other normal and essential rights of the ordinary citizens.

Long live common sense and wisdom and let the perversions of all kinds vanish.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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