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In today's India we find women empowerment women education and women at its highest glory....but most of us do not consider housewifes as respectful as any other working woman! Like any other job its not an easy job. 365 days you work and there is no leave, no casual leave no paid leave even no sick leave. They work endlessly round the clock years after years....they serve you till morning to night...thinking of your wellbeing only...but mostly they are being catagorised as if they have very least contribution, which is not true at all. Think, if all women go to work who will take care of the children, the old and the ill people in a family!there are children who are not so normal..means hyperactive, autistic and even handicapped...whom will u trust more than a woman in your family who stays home and take care.
Like any other board meeting or meeting the month end challenge a house wife faces challenges. But of course in a different way. She proves herself...situation number one: your gas cylinder is empty and it is sunday....who manages to bring a cyliner ..it is always your wife.She has her own network... neighbours... black cylinder providers.

If there is water problem in your society....but you get water in time...you get washed clothes.... and there is no crisis in ur house.....think ....who dose this magic?
Yes she stays home...but its not a crime....have you ever thought? In side the house she is always there for you and your children with her helpful hands and loving heart. She is always ready to look after you and the house safe and secuerd. Be it killing the cockroaches in kitchen or defrosing ihe ice in your refrigerator a wife does not say no. A guest in odd time, so what she is there to cook food in half an hour. But no appraisal letter no star award no flash award neither sodex coupn for McDonalds. She does not complaints. Like any other working man or woman she too has the potential which we are not able to see because we take her very granted, like any other object of the house she is an object for most of us. Freinds, she too has so many certificates kept in the locked cuppboard. Everyday is the same day for her with same repeating routine. Sunday is sunday for you but she is never free.

The most important point which we should not miss, suppose you are angry with your job pressure, your boss your future concern or your present financial problems....whom do you shout or abuse first..think...but whtever problem she faces she never shouts back as she knows she is not earning money.but we all can respect her....value her .....that can be worthy than a monthly salary or an appraisal. A sweet smile or two caring sentences can make them work for the whole day.


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Comment Men adorns women. Not always. Imperfect is our society. We carry our legacy> Analyse the case of DRAUPADI and SITA. In the end they have been winners. From education comes knowledge which shows the right path. Let us educate our children so that we have right people who can frame the fortune of our country persons, in the end with progressive nation. It is mother who takes care of the child. Let us make our sisters and mothers exploratory to show righteous path of life. Mothers we salute. Let us change our society to show and lead the right path.

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01-Dec-2015 05:22 AM

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16-Sep-2013 01:27 AM

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