Merit and India

Merit is most abhorred word in India. Every one dislikes the word merit, for one reason or the other. It is family background that decides the eligibility of an individual to enter all fields of public utility and not his/her capability. Thus most of the people of enormous in-capabilities are ruling the roost. They still are not satisfied.

Anything merit is a negative thing for them. If merit is followed other than getting pampered in the name of many justices the nation might have been benefited immensely and tremendously. The political and social backwardness together with greed to get things based on birth is the bane of the nation coupled with intellectual bankruptcy and loveless and non-patriotic attitude towards the nation.

No one wants excellence in India. No one wants India to be great. For many it is enough if they are "great" by being pampered.

When it dawns on the country that though it is not merely geography that constitutes a nation but its citizens; certain times the citizens must also be wishing and working for the excellence of the country and not depend on government for everything. The government must shun such attitude of itself and its citizens..

Mere pampering in the name of various affiliations may benefit many otherwise ineligible individuals but the nation is being weakened in that process . Individuals of caliber only build a nation and pampered individuals always live as parasites on the nation. If such such parasites' number is vast, that nation is burdened by weak and backward citizens, they always looking at governments for alms rather than they contributing for the country's progress and make it an economic giant in the comity of nations.

India is weakened by its selfish leaders and citizens who pamper ineligible and incapable people and give them everything just because of their birth-status and not because of their mental status. Wish this situation changes and the country respects and encourages merit and gets benefited.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment "Yes, merit or talent is not important and encourage in India due to corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and malfunctioning supporters. They recognize talent only when one by one's own efforts gets laurels in Germany first, then in Europe, America, Russia and other nations because they believe all others are also like them! I am not saying this; this has been said by famous writer of Mera Nam Joker K A Abbas long ago! In this respect what Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam says in this article is pertinent and this needs to be noted by all at helms of affair in India !"

TA Ramesh
21-Sep-2013 08:53 AM

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