Has Government Committed Treason?

Not surprisingly the controversy created by the media exposure and its subsequent official confirmation of the alleged misuse of the Technical Services Division (TSD) by former Army Chief General VK Singh is expected to snowball into a major national crisis. But the crisis may not evolve as those who leaked the information might imagine.

According to The Indian Express that published the report General Singh had conveyed a warning that if they went ahead and published it “they will get it in the neck”. General Singh reportedly told the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency that anyone recommending a probe into the functioning of TSD was being nonsensical because its operations were meant to be secret.

General Singh might have enlightened the public a little more. The mere fact that the inquiry into the functioning of TSD was “secret” suggests that the TSD operation was not only secret but probably “top secret”. If that is the case the consequences for the government as well as for media outlets utilized by the government could be very serious.

In that event even the existence of TSD should never have been publicized. Further, if there is exposure of the actual working of the top secret unit, leaking information about it may well be considered treasonable under law, regardless of whether infromation is true or false. It involves national security. Such information can help the nation’s enemies. Even knowledge of the existence of TSD can help the nation’s enemies.

Did the government factor this aspect into its calculations before rushing to the media with its leaks? The last on this issue has not been heard. Events thus far may be in fact just the start of a crisis that could traumatize the system.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment It must be admitted that we lack deceipline. UPA has shown no character,
scams number of them. CBI is subserving Central Government.
The question arises why General V K Singh is in picture. If you look into it
you will full of hate for the Government--defense department.

pranlal sheth
25-Sep-2013 20:15 PM

Comment The current UPA Govt. cannot think beyond what is selfishly tied to its gains. Country and its interests do not even figure into its considerations. If there was some wrong doing by the top secret organization, the Govt. should internally investigate it and take corrective and punitive measures. It should never be made public particularly in a time and manner directly aimed at political gains, No wonder in the Wiki Leaks the CIA claimed that the easiest place to get top secret information was India. All you have to do is throw some money at them and the Indian politicians and bureaucrats would gladly sell their ........... for it,

I feel sick to my stomach with such spectacles. Nothing surprises me any more.

22-Sep-2013 00:02 AM

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