The Conceited Andhra Political Leaders

Andhra Pradesh is currently under boil. For the last 55 days the government employees are not attending offices. All the administration in the Andhra region has come to a standstill. The employees of road transport corporation in this same Andhra region stopped commuting buses since the same 55 days. Neither state government nor central government is doing anything in this regard. It is really astonishing and irresponsible on the part of the administrators to leave the citizens like that without administration or transport.

All the political parties have their own calculations and selfishness in maintaining silence and not participating in the agitation. The agitators are not allowing the political leaders of all denominations unless they resign their assembly seats, parliament seats and cabinet berths. The leaders are not doing anything in this direction. And they are not interested to lose their coveted posts for people's sake.

They are just waiting the agitation to get diluted and then heave a sigh of relief so that they need not be bad in the eyes of the command and be assured of their party tickets and other associated benefits of being in the good looks of the command. Leaders of a particular caste are just waiting for the division so that they can become chief minister or like in the divided state because their caste people are in majority and they can get more seats.

Adding salt to the injury, the president of the regional party now confined to Andhra region, who gave no objection certificate for the division and made many promises in this direction in the company of another regional party of the second region in political tie-up for 2009 assembly elections is very diplomatically indifferent to the agitation and saying nothing why he gave that no-objection letter for the division of the state and if he takes that back now. But “intelligently?” making his party colleagues to talk for United Andhra Pradesh.

The ruling party which consulted all sections, constituted a committee and got feedback has announced division from party side again without any current homework, as it first did in December 2009, and still not involving the central government. And is now adamant not to go back on this division announcement decided by the CWC; having number of seats it may get in 2014 parliamentary elections as its priority.

All these Andhra leaders never revealed and acted against the imminent announcement to be made by ruling party on the division; having only their selfish interests in the mind and not the mood or liking of the citizens and selfishly kept quiet are now unable to go to their constituencies and face the voters are now enacting the drama of “pressurizing” their command to go back of division.
Thus neither governments nor leaders of all concerned political parties anticipated this huge wave of Andhra people's disapproval of division of Andhra Pradesh. Everyone is miscalculated, being absorbed in the calculations of number of MP seats they may get in 2014 parliamentary elections. And peculiarly or by design the whole national press or national leaders of all political parties are just ignoring this vast people's voluntary movement. This indifference of the so called leaders is an unpardonable irresponsibility.

Thus the political leaders and representatives of ruling party, or any opposition party of the state or the central command did not envisage this type of voluntary agitation from the citizens and are now in a bind and are in a quandary. This situation clearly shows the absence of statesmen in politics and presence only of mere politicians whose vision will not go beyond next election.

These selfish political leaders sans ideology, commitment, self-esteem, culture, civilization and full of inability to integrate people and are experts only in exploiting historical divisions among people for getting elected and amass money in all possible illegal and corrupt ways are just waiting for the movement to get diluted somehow so that they can resume playing their divide and rule policy unpatriotically for selfish personal interests and of the interests of their kith and kin whom they are grooming to be next generation political leaders.

This conceited nature of the selfish netas is fully understood by people of the Andhra region but none can do anything. And the calculation of all the leaders of all political parties of the region is if somehow the agitation dampens the voters have no other choice expect electing them again as they are the “leading” contenders. That is why the president of the chief regional party now confined to Andhra region is now in Delhi finalizing coalitions with various national and regional parties in the ensuing parliamentary elections. That is the insensitivity of these peoples' leaders who brag day in and day out that they are in politics only to serve the people even though in reality these leaders serve themselves and their kith and kin.

This is really a pathetic situation when citizens are awakened and realized the conceited behavior and nature of their leaders but do not have fresh and untainted leaders to elect. They have to revert to these highly dangerous individuals in the garb of representatives and once again elect one among them.

The “intellectuals” - the university professors, journalists, ideology hawks, caste leaders of various hues who always claim to represent the interests of social justice, but are in reality people full of narrow-mindedness just exploiting the affiliations of citizens for themselves keeping in the limelight and associated benefits are a complete misfit and are do not at all suit to be resolving forces but only they can further make the situation further inflammable.

When so many underserving individuals are passing off as intellectuals, servers of people, representatives of social justice are mired only in their narrow mentalities and interests; the solution to this vexed problem of division of Andhra Pradesh is now appearing to have become an unresolvable puzzle and untie-able knot. Very unfortunate situation!

Wish statesmen to be in-charge of affairs of this great nation - the most ancient, knowledgeable, and cradle of all culture and civilization and aesthetic and intellectual tastes.

Thus the time is now ripe for citizens to completely awake from their slumber of believing false promises and divisive politics practiced by all political parties without exception, and yes, have to start a movement to redeem themselves and nation from the clutches of these current leaders inefficient, incompetent, unpatriotic, corrupt, undemocratic in the administration of party and government and produce statesmen from their ranks.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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