Hope and Faith

It was the time when India was still under the British rule. There was a young,newly married doctor in Bihar. Being influenced by Gandhiji, he joined the freedom movement and became a freedom fighter. He left his job and participated actively in the National Movement. During a strike, the doctor was arrested and taken to a jail in Patna. 

After that, he was exiled to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by the British Administration. There, he was imprisoned in infamous Cellular Jail. He was tortured by the jailor and his staff like other prisoners. The doctor protested against that and gradually the other immates joined him. For his leadership, he was tried and he was hanged.

The killing of the doctor however, was not informed to his wife back home in Bihar. Therefore, his wife kept waiting for the return of her husband. Years passed on, India then became free she thought about the return of her doctor husband which did not happen. She grew very old. However, her hope and faith about her return of her husband din not fade.


More by :  Aniket Mohapatra

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