Let’s Make the Start!

Indians have better employment prospects and opportunities abroad than in other states of India. All the state governments have shut their employment to people from other states even though India is one country. Indians are not welcome in their own country other than their district many times, whereas they are welcomed enthusiastically by foreign countries and are giving them jobs which include very important and crucial also are denied to them in their own country. It is really distressing to observe this state of affairs.

This is done under the supervision of all political parties, the regional parties being more militant in denying jobs to people of other states practicing chauvinism of sub-nationality and regional"culture".

The people who prevent you from getting a job in India are the same people who enjoyed employment abroad. They now settled in various regional political parties and are playing the cards of regional chauvinism. Examples are the family of KCR of TRS, Ajit Singh, BJD of Orissa are only examples.

The chauvinism of Siva Sena is well known as the Dravidian parties and their allies. Even normally more accommodating Karnataka also is suffering from the bug of regionalism. Andhrapradesh is most affected because of this mindless and narrow-minded regional chauvinism of individuals who enjoyed the hospitality of the USA, Europe and many foreign countries. Now they talk of this region and that region and play havoc with the lives of all citizens. When they sought jobs in the US they were not denied the jobs because they do not belong to US in any way. They enjoyed that. Now they talk of all nonsense in the name of regional chauvinism.

It is a sad state of affairs that an Indian is an outsider in his own country for employment and like fundamental rights. What governance is going on here in our country?

Every one dances to the tune of regional chauvinism, religious fanaticism, ideological and fundamentalist terrorism, and the State and the political parties side it with impunity. Is this the spirit of democracy? Is it the spirit of democracy to pit one citizen against another in the name of caste, community, region, religion, ideology, fundamentalism and enjoy the fight and animosity among citizens and exploit it to garner votes and come to power?

All these questions are to be answered. They youth must ask these questions and make the politicians give convincing answers. The practice of divisive politics must come to an end. All Indians must be treated equally in all regions of India. Else what is the fun and use of being one nation? The politicians must be discouraged and see to that they ask for votes based on their genuine non-divisive promises and implementable programs and not fill the manifestos with free-bees, offer liquor and money. The politicians must be made not to waste public money for non-sustainable and popular schemes full of expenditure and no use economically.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. If we do not practice this dictum we will have to suffer under the yoke and tyranny of divisive, corrupt and slavish-minded politicians as is going on now; and whose allegiance is to party bosses and not to the citizens who elect them and make them parliamentarians, legislators, ministers and other important public figures.

Politics is not merely to divide citizens become representatives, ministers and loot the nation; to which the politicians reduced politics to, but to work for the well-being an d welfare of the citizens. This must be made clear to the politicians of all parties who are allowing corruption, nepotism, looting the nation through the post they hold and are harboring all criminal and anti-social elements in their parties and are contributing to the demeaning of democracy and belittling India and its citizens and are destroying the fabric of India as a nation and are happy with their cozy lives as politicians and making merry by misusing their power and trust reposed on them by the citizens by electing them.

Citizens are slowly becoming aware of the conceited and cunning play of all these politicians in these days of communication revolution and are expressing themselves by participating in discussions to find fault with the politician for his erratic, corrupt and selfish conduct and behavior and this must and will make these insensitive leaders responsible for their crime against nation through all their acts and face the suitable punishment.

India must be for Indians and not for just corrupt and criminal politicians whose sole aim and ability is to exploit historical divisions among its citizens for personal amassing illegal money, assets and aggrandizement. Then turn as villains to the citizens and nation.

Let us wake up to the call of our nation to make it great among the comity of nations. Let us resurrect the grandness and historical name and fame of our beautiful country by rescuing it from divisive, corrupt, insensitive, inefficient, selfish leaders who are dangerous to the unity of the nation and unpatriotic in their intentions, deeds and discharge of duties as representatives and ministers.

We, the citizens only can and should bring this transformation without by bringing transformation within us transcending our historical divisions for the good and welfare and well-being of all of us, which has been our culture, essence of civilization and guidelines for harmonious and prosperous living. Let us make the start.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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