President Speaks What PM Should Assert

on Pakistan

President Mukherjee being interviewed on live TV foreign channel during his recent visit abroad was bluntly forthright on Pakistan’s habitual claim disowning the terrorist activities against India by non-state actors. The President strongly refuted Pakistan’s claims and rebutted that non-state actors were not parachuted from heaven and that they were launched from Pakistan territory.

India expects that its Prime Minister should be equally combative and strongly assertive when condemning Pakistani state sponsored terrorism against India even if it is by non-state actors as claimed by Pakistan.

The Indian Prime Minister’s condemnation of Pakistan state sponsored terrorism somehow lack the emotional pitch and anger which Pakistani policies deserve to be countered with.

Presumably this leads to Pakistan continuing with its state sponsored terrorism against India in a ‘business as usual’ fashion secure in the belief that the Indian establishment would continue to dither on strong responses against it.

To the best of my recollection, I do not recall any statement emanating from the Prime Minister condemning Pakistan’s massive infiltration bid in the Keran Sector in the Kashmir Valley where the Indian Army has been engaged in military operations for the last two weeks.

In contrast the Pakistan High Commissioner in India in a press interview the day before, claimed that Indian reports of Keran Sector operations were ‘baseless’. Should not the Prime Minister have directed the Foreign Office to summon the Pakistan High Commissioner and be confronted with TV visual evidence and Army surveillance excerpts being aired on Indian TV?

Mr. President Sir, India expects that during your tenure you would set a new model of Presidency where the President as Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces speaks out boldly on National Security and Internal Security matters where the Government of the day lacks the speech to do so.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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