The Quantum Metaphysical Spirituality

of Science

For thousands of years religious dogma and tribal superstitions kept scientific thinkers in a locked box. Many outspoken scholars were executed because their scientific findings were looked upon as heresy. It is only in the past two hundred years that free academic study of science was allowed to flourish unhindered by ancient religious doctrines.

Once academic scientific studies were established they rejected and ridiculed anything spiritual or metaphysical if it could not be proven by a mathematical formula. Even in today's world a few professors and scientists are closed minded to anything that resembles spirituality, but things are changing at a very rapid pace. Just as religion had to succumb to scientific knowledge, so now, science is beginning to unravel the mysteries of the universe with Quantum physics and their latest findings are stretching science into the realms of metaphysical spirituality.

After all is said and done, there can only be one truth that explains the creation/evolving of the universe, but there may be many pathways, within one truth, that will explain humanities curiosity of the cosmic puzzles.

Quantum science is going beyond the probe of atoms, photons, neutrons, quirks and exploring a newer string theory (dancing, unobservable, vibrational waves of energy) and membrane theory (Multiple universes, carved up into slices, living side by side, all conduced by?). Together they give room to explore what is know as the M-theory which is undertaking to prove the unity of Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak and Strong nuclear forces. The deeper Quantum physicists explore, the closer they encircle metaphysical philosophy. They are realizing there are higher realities within infinite dimensions of intelligent vibrational energy.

Ever since humans could look up at the stars at night they have pondered the mystical magic of the cosmos. Many great ancient dynasties such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Chinese debated the awe and wonder of the heavens. Brilliant, illustrious philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Confucius and many more, have talked about human kinds connection to the invisible eternal flows of energy that govern the Cosmos. And now, within the next hundred years, mathematical proof will uncover the connection between science , philosophy and spirituality.

It seems string theorists have uncovered eleven dimensions to our universe. Some Quantum Physicists even go so far as to state the dimensions of the universe may be infinite. At the same time they are theorizing on parallel universes that live side by side with our universe. Perhaps an infinite number of universes? If this is proven to be true it will explain why our world was not formed by chance, for if there is an infinite number of universes, then it stands to common sense at least one would contain intelligent life as found here on earth. It can be no fluke, because of the infinite variety of universes. The formula to create our universe must differ from each and every other universe, in the same manner as no two humans are identical and each has their own free will to act within an inescapable framework.

The chances that there is another earth similar to ours in another universe are very slim indeed, for if there are two identical universes, one would be enmeshed in another, unless of course the universes are holograms of each other in different dimensions? But that would not give a variety of different universes and that seems improbable.

Even on the more basic levels medical science is engaged in many studies of spirituality within the fields of neurology, psychology many other sections of medicine.

Mental illnesses that may be caused by stress and erroneous thoughts are being treated with many alternative, spiritually related treatments, which were rejected a few years ago. At every level, open minded professors, scientists and physicians are welcoming metaphysical philosophers and spiritual masters to help in the quest to eradicated disease, pollution and many other ills of human kind.

All the resources of humanity will be required to solve the mysteries of our universe and beyond. As long as all lines of communication are kept open and no learning institution will favor one subject; namely science, at the expense of neglecting metaphysics or spirituality, then the world of Quantum Metaphysical Spiritual Science will blossom and bloom.... Humanity can at last realize they are one harmonious unit within a unified symphonic universe..... Maybe that unity on earth will make Albert Einstein a very happy camper as he looks at earth from his eternal cosmic home?

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Comment my thinking put in writing, thank you so much Michael for making it clearer for me. diana

01-Mar-2013 14:56 PM

Comment A wonderful article. A wonderful bridge to Truth.

Thank you Michael.

22-Sep-2012 04:07 AM

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