Need for Objective Intellectuals and Scholars

Our perceptions of events and happenings will be colored by our mental make-up, prejudices, blind faith, limited knowledge and understanding, religious-, caste-, communal-, ideological and the like affiliations and prevent us from having a glimpse of the truth and reality. 

Thus we speak, write and express our impressions limited by our perceptive inadequacies and none of us will be able to see a situation transcending our ego and personal likes and dislikes. The editorials written by newspapers, articles written by "senior" journalists, comments made and retorted by politicians are all based and colored by their "commitments" and not on the objective assessment. Of course very few enlightened individuals only can transcend their personal likes and dislikes and see the reality. 

The utterances of such enlightened individuals help us in reconciliation and peace and harmony will not be disturbed by one or other happening, however provoking it is.

 Both their subjective and objective views and assessments are beneficial to the society and nation.

Perceptions and insightful observations are different. But all of us behave based on our perceptions and criticize others and fight and try to establish our point of view by harsh logic. Logic most of the times will not take us to the Truth and serves as an obstacle in the experience and understanding of the Truth and Reality.

That is why every society needs scholars and enlightened intellectuals to guide the society. Ideologists committed merely to this or that ideology will not lead us any where but to chaos, quarrels
and fights.

The presence and active participation of really enlightened scholars and intellectuals who can call a spade a spade and who can comprehensively present the essentials of humanism leaning from their respective sources and intuition transcending the rigors of their sources and put individual stamp are now needed in our society. Wish and pray such scholars and intellectuals take charge of leading society and nation and do not allow the selfish and half-knowledgeable "intellectuals and scholars" to flourish and create misunderstanding and mistrust among citizens and the citizens too help the enlightened individuals in their task.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Such intellectuals are usually away from organized power centres of modern world, chiefly political and corporate. So, their voices are never heard by the mass, generally animals like herd beings!

This is the tragedy or catestropge of modern world.

World listen to only mass leaders who offer people, mass, power-filled, or empowered self identity. Thus, wish of genuine intellectuals influencing communities and nations, an entry dream.

Abraham joseph
04-Jun-2019 11:36 AM

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