Fast Food and Bad Health

Nowadays, the word “Fast food” is very much common among the youngsters. The young generation is mostly fond of eating fast food but they don’t think of the thing that it is partially or nowadays becoming the main reason for the causing of diseases in them.

Some people are always eating fast food, which is not at all good for their health. These fast foods leads to different diseases like Tumer in stomach, food poisoin, sometimes cancer etc.

As, now the pollution is gradually growing, the fast foods mix up with different dusts and when anybody take that food he falls ill.

In my view, people shouldn’t take much fast foods. As fast food makes people fat and pulls them into the mouth of many diseases.

For example, one of my friend ‘Sukanya’ is the healthier girl in our class. She also takes fast foods but she always takes care of her health. That is the thing to be learned from her as well as many others like her by all the citizens of the world. The government should take some steps to ban the fast food and the growing habits of youngsters.

One article was published in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper mentioning that mostly diseases are faced by the people due to eating of fast foods. It makes our body’s health bad.

So, we must be cautious about the reason of bad health and we must not follow this practice. If, we the people would be cautious than whole world will become cautious. Therefore, for good health we must avoid of taking Fast foods.



More by :  Aniket Mohapatra

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