Clubbing the East and the West

The message is clear. Every other nation on the globe exists to protect the interests of USA and its citizens. The USA has appointed itself as world police to save its boundaries and its citizens from terrorism or other attacks or onslaughts by surveillance of every other person and leaders of every other nation. It is ironical that USA makes lots of noise when "human rights" are violated anywhere else and poses as champion and custodian of human rights thorough the world; may be except itself.

The double game and hypocrisy of the USA is exhibited on more than one occasion and every one still remembers the lies it spread with the help of the UK about Iran possessing WMDs before attacking Iran militarily. Now its European allies are peeved, who supported and helped USA to become the "Super Power" it is now. 

The western countries have monopolized all moral instructions and tried to preach other nations about all civilization and culture and morality. Now they themselves are at the receiving end of their Big brother. The technology developed by the western countries has made them developed countries from materialistic point of view but on moral and on civilization front left lot to be desired.

The comforts the technologies developed by them, made them have "everything" and allowed them to appropriate themselves the tag of "developed" countries. What development they have? Just development of material comforts of physical life. On cultural, civilization and moral aspects they are yet to develop.

The ancient civilizations and cultures of India, China, Mesopotamia, Persia, Arab, Egypt, and like oriental civilizations and cultures have a lot for the use of the globe. Development of those civilizations and cultures sans religious aspects, but only of spiritual aspects is the need of the hour for the upkeep of world peace and harmony among the comity of nations. Mere materialistic development arrogates the nations to dominate world scene with their materialistic and military power; which are not conducive and good for world safety and well-being.

Let us club and join the material development offered by western countries and the civilization and cultural aspects developed by the oriental countries. Then world will be a pleasant place to live. Merely following the dictates of the democracies of the west and especially of the USA is detrimental to world order and happiness. 

Let this be realized by all, the west and the east.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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