Chugga Chugga Choo Choo - Let's Race

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo was always looking forward for some exciting adventure. One day, while chugging on the tracks, he stopped at a crossing, when Number 40 zoomed in. Number 40 was a race car and was yellow in colour. He had special magical powers that he sometimes used on the sly.
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo and Number 40 were good friends. “Hey Chugga”, said 40. He was in a chirpy mood. “Hey 40”, said Chugga, sounding a little bored. “So, slow coach, you wanna race?” teased 40. This made Chugga angry, “Am not a slow coach. Come, let’s race.” Just then Blacky, the black car zoomed in. “40, Chugga, what’s going on here?” “Well, 40 and me are going to have a race”, said Chugga. “What”! exclaimed Blacky. “Are you sure, Chugga, you want to race against 40; you know he’s the fastest here in all of Toot Toot. “So am I…I am the fastest engine here”, said Chugga. “Come on, Blacky, don’t be a spoil sport, it’ll be fun”. Said Number 40. To which Blacky replied, “Okay then, here are the rules – Both of you will start from this point, go around the Green Mountain and come back here. The one who wins will give the other a nice treat. Chugga, you will NOT pass through the tunnel and 40, do NOT use your magical powers. NO CHEATING. Agreed?” “Agreed” said Chugga and 40. Chugga blew his whistle, “Yoodley hee… yoodley hee”. Number 40 honked “Beepity beep… beepity beep”. Then Blacky gave the order, “Start your engines, on your mark, GET SET GO….”
Number 40 went zip….zap….zooooom….. Chug….chug…chug went Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.
Since Chugga was not allowed to use the tunnel to cross the Green Mountain, he had to go on another track. This track had lots of turns and signals. There were huge Banyan trees along the track. He couldn’t see clearly as the branches were hanging too low. He almost rammed into Cementy in one turn. “Watch out’, called out Cementy. “Phew, that was close”, said Chugga. “Steady, steady”, he said to himself. Just then Chugga Chugga Choo Choo saw Number 40 going super fast under the bridge. “Oh, No”, he thought to himself, “ I have to speed up”.
Meanwhile, Number 40 was in the lead. The road was narrow and had lots of speed breakers. “AAAAAA”, he went over the bumps. He was tempted to use his special magic powers but then he remembered Blacky’s words “NO CHEATING”. He had to go through three hairpin bends to cross the Green Mountain. He pressed hard on the accelerator as he went up the bend. “Screeeech”….He braked hard; he was about to fall in the valley. “Careful, careful 40, slow down on the bends”, he assured himself. “1…2….3….; Hooray, I have crossed all the bends”. Whooooossssh… went Number 40.

Chugga puffed on ahead and finally made it round the Green Mountain, “Yay, I did it”. Soon 40 also came round the Mountain, “Ah! Am finally on the last lap,” he said.
Both Chugga and 40 were on the last lap, running parallel to each other. “Go Chugga, Go 40” cheered Blacky. Finally they both reached the endpoint together. Chugga and 40 were out of breath. “It’s a tie – you have both won the race”, said Blacky. “So who will get the treat?” asked Number 40. Blacky winked and said, “Me”. “WHAT!” exclaimed Number 40 and Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.
“Hahahaha”, laughed Blacky and zoomed away.


More by :  Tanu Pant

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Comment Very good -- enjoyed it, You have a great writing style,

Kamal Joshi
08-Nov-2013 10:07 AM

Comment wonderful story! Will read it out to my kids tonight! Looking forward to the next adventure of Chugga Chugga Choo Choo...

radha joshi
08-Nov-2013 00:12 AM

Comment Chugga Choo you are going full steam ahead! Let Chugga climb all the heights. Keep it up.

07-Nov-2013 22:59 PM

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