Beneficiary of Patna Blasts

How fortunate our nation is that the terrorists recruited by the Indian Mujahideen (IM) are so inept and inefficient! Their inefficiency was exposed at Mr. Narendra Modi’s Hunkar rally in Patna. One operative who tried to plant a bomb in a toilet died because it exploded. Fortunately for the police he carried in his pocket the telephone numbers of all the other terrorists complicit with him. The police lost no time to successfully nab the guilty. Another operative who planted bombs in the ground occupied by the huge rally crowd was so inefficient that the bombs never exploded, Later they were discovered, seized and defused by the police. A third operative confessed to the police that the idea was to create a huge stampede and of course eliminate Mr. Modi. The IM links to Pakistan made it clear to the police and to the public that Pakistan was behind the plot to eliminate Mr. Modi.

This is a huge blessing for the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Since 2004 the police have been alleging that Pakistan is trying to kill Mr. Modi. Numerous police encounters that killed alleged terrorists were accused of being faked and are still under investigation. Even if the encounters are proven faked in public perception the killings would be acts of patriotism because the victims were trying to kill Mr. Modi. This undoubtedly helps the public image of Mr. Amit Shah, Mr. Modi’s closest confidant and currently in charge of the UP poll campaign of the BJP. Mr. Shah is on bail having been convicted in an earlier fake encounter case and currently being probed for his role in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case which is still under investigation.  More than Mr. Shah it is the IB that would be relieved after the Hunkar fiasco. The recent bomb blasts have confirmed in public perception that Pakistan is trying to kill Mr. Modi. This allegation which the IB has been vainly espousing for several years was disbelieved by most people.

Is Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) as stupid as the Mujahideen terrorists? If Indian Intelligence is to be believed that seems to be the case. Mr. Modi is popularly perceived to be a polarizing figure dividing Indian society. In that event does it serve the interests of Pakistan to unite or divide Indian society? Should Pakistan in that case help remove or retain Mr. Modi in Indian politics?      

What needs to be unraveled therefore is why Pakistan as alleged by IB has attempted since 2004 to kill Mr. Modi. Less than a year ago the Karachi Chambers of Pakistani businessmen invited Mr. Modi to visit Karachi and talk to them about his Gujarat model of development. This invitation could not have been extended without clearance by the ISI and the Pakistan army. Did Pakistan want to kill Mr. Modi in Karachi because it continues to fail doing it in India? It is known of course that China looks upon Mr. Modi with special favour. China also looks upon Pakistan with special favour. Is Pakistan jealous of Mr. Modi and that is why it is trying to kill him? It is up to the IB to clear these puzzles. One is sure Indian Intelligence has all the answers. Our sleuths are so well informed that even after America and the UN formally declared that Hafiz Saeed and the Lashkar-e-Taiba were responsible for the Samjhauta Express bomb blasts the National Investigative Agency (NIA) pointed out that it was actually the work of right wing Hindu terrorists. So how can we question our Intelligence sleuths when they claim that Pakistan is trying to kill Mr. Modi?  

Meanwhile, despite IB’s extraordinary efficiency displayed by protecting Mr. Modi, the government is making one very serious mistake. Through leaks to the media it is spreading all its hard earned intelligence about the various plots to kill Mr. Modi. The latest revelation leaked to The Times of India is that now the ISI plans to recruit Khalistani terrorists to eliminate Mr. Modi. The danger arising from spreading such information is that if, God forbid, any serious harm came to Mr. Modi through terrorist action the guilty would have been already identified in the eyes of the public. The danger in this situation is that any fourth foreign or domestic party apart from the IM, Khalistanis or ISI could be tempted to harm Mr. Modi in the belief that it would escape detection.

Need one point out that in the current context and national mood any serious harm inflicted on Mr. Modi by terrorists could plunge the nation into unprecedented turmoil and destabilizing violence? Have the loquacious officials in government considered that?
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Comment Mr. Patel it seems yoi have not read the article carefully. I am pointing out the danger to Mr. Modi due to the indiscreet leaks by the government about plots to kill him especially after the Patna bomb blasts. In the atmosphere being created any hidden enemy of Mr. Modi can harm him secure in the knowledgte that the terrorists will be blamed. My intention is to ensure protection of Mr. Modi. The conspiracies behind the assassinations of Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi have not yet been cleared. As for my being jealous of Mr. Modi I am puzzled by your allegation. Why should a nobody like me be jealous? It is for political leaders and rivals like Rahul Gandhi and Nitish Kumar to be jealous! Please note that for the very first time the betting syndicates on the elections have made a precondition that all bets will be cancelled IF ANY LEADER IS ASSASSINATED! What led them to do this for the first time?

My Word
08-Nov-2013 21:20 PM

Comment Not sure if Pakistan is Jealous with Mr. Modi or not but by this artical you made it cleare that you are so Jealous with Modi. Or you are trying to leak Sonia's tow?

d patel
08-Nov-2013 10:08 AM

Comment An illumining analysis. Unfortunately, there are people and groupings like the UPA who do anything for their political gain, and it's what happened in the case of Modi too.

U Atreya Sarma
07-Nov-2013 22:15 PM

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