Nothingness and Reality

Reality to us appears to be the Universe and all it entails. From our observation post here on Earth we see Energy/Mass in a grand assemblage of sizes, colors and shapes. However all is not as it seems because our perception has been limited by our hardwired line of reasoning which was designed by Natural Selection and DNA. For a start, consciousness does not exist, it only appears to us as if it does. Our experience is far too limited at the moment to understand fully, Reality. The Universe is an Absolute now which is the only thing in Existence. Space, Time, Energy/Mass and Gravity all exhibit the properties which they have because of their Existence in the Absolute Now. But Existence is not the only thing which is a part of Reality. Reality also encapsulates the concept known as Nothingness.

Remember our Universe came from the Nothingness and it is this Nothingness which is the main part of Reality. This of course leads us to the question - how could the Universe have been created from Nothingness? What process causes such a Phenomenon? I don't think we can ever know. We have enough trouble trying to work out the true nature of things, which are in Existence such as Space, Time, Energy/Mass and Gravity. Here, again, we are led astray by our localized environment at the low energy end of Existence. At the high energy end of Existence things are very different. One need only consider Black Holes to see how Existence obeys rules which are difficult for our minds to accept. However all the Entities we can consider are different manifestations of Reality whether we can understand them or not. Nothingness as against Existence is our best hope of furthering our understanding of Reality. Using this way of thinking we can see that the Universe is an Absolute Now and this is what Existence in Reality exhibits.

Nothingness in Reality is exactly as it is - Nothingness. It is the overriding concept - without Nothingness there is no Existence whereas Existence without Nothingness is not possible.

Reality has two faces, Existence (the Absolute Now of the Universe) and Nothingness. Reality has given us the Big Questions - why is there a Universe? Why is there Existence? Why is there Nothingness? And even, the biggest question of them all, why is there Reality? This last question is the only one we can answer and know we are correct in our answer.

And, the answer is - because there is. Reality Is because Reality Is. Reality Is whether there is Nothingness and Existence or whether there is some other state or states of Reality which are beyond our comprehension and experience.

Of course, this still leaves us with no description of the things we know are in Existence and in our Universe but if we use the concept of Nothingness in our investigation of Energy/Mass, Space, Time and Gravity we will get a better understanding of the tremendous occurrences inherent in the Universe.


More by :  Naveen Jagan

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