Nepal Disowns the Maoists

In the recent Elections held in Nepal one thing that emerges loud and clear is that the Nepalese public has disowned the Nepalese Maoists. They seem to have lost the plot in their arrogance that the Nepalese hearts and minds had been won over by them.

In the last few years they seemed to have forgotten that they would not have come to political power in Kathmandu but for the tragic Indian policy mistake of virtually facilitating their gaining political power. Reflected in my earlier Columns was that what the Release Maoists could not win on the battlefield in their civil war against the established regime, they got power handed on a plate kind courtesy of this Indian Government years back.

India would be well advised to learn from their past mistakes when it comes to dealing with Nepal and dealing with Nepalese politicians. The Maoists should never figure ever again or be factored-in in India’s policy formulations on Nepal.

India’s policy formulations should focus on keeping Maoists out of political power in Nepal and in this direction refer back to all the teachings of Kautilyan statecraft. This is the only way that Nepal can be retrieved back from China’s clutches.

The above also applies to some of the other non-Maoist Nepalese politicians who thrive by plying the China Card against India.

The situation in Nepal in the coming months in Nepal is likely to be turbulent as the Maoists would definitely attempt to regain lost ground by use of armed force or threats to use force. It is here that India has to come in a big way to ensure that the emerging situation in Nepal continues to be in favour of India.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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