The Bell Tolls on Misgovernance

“In the last winter of discontent there is one undisputed truth: the stench of Congress cadaver, spread across three States, has become unbearable except in certain history-proof addresses in Delhi. The deferred shame in Chhattisgarh apart, Verdict 2013 is a measure of India’s anger against its oldest party.” This is the opening paragraph of the lead article in India Today early this morning clearly signalling that the bell tolls for the Congress Party’s misgovernance especially in its second tenure.

The anger of the people of the Indian Republic has periodically surfaced in my earlier Columns of the last few years and also in many media publications. The Congress High Command could not be said to have not been conscious of India’s growing anger on the Congress Party and its Government, but it seems that the Congress Party was in a state of denial.

Missing in yesterday’s day-long TV panel debates analysing the election results were the arrogant loose cannons of the Congress Party whose sole contribution to on-going political debates was negativism.

The biggest lesson for all Indian political parties, including the BJP as the present beneficiary, is not to take the citizens of the Indian Republic for granted. India both urban and rural is presently widely awake and keeps all political parties under close watch on their governance performance records. The Indian voter today is more discerning and demands political accountability from those who claim to provide them with political leadership.

The most significant political reality in my view that emerges from these present results, and one not analysed or taken for consideration in Sunday’s day-long political analyses on TV panel discussions is the probable fact that the results indicate that Congress Party’s minority vote-bank politics has not worked as BJP’s wide leads in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan indicate. The same could be said of Congress Party’s miserable performance of being favoured with mere eight sets in Delhi. Nor has caste seemed to have played a major role. It is hoped detailed analyses on this score emerge sometime soon.

If my surmise is correct then “India’s Muslims” (the appellation that I have preferred as opposed to Indian Muslims or Muslim Indians) deserve to be congratulated handsomely for joining the Indian political mainstream by breaking free from their clergy who more often than not acted as managers of minority vote-banks for the so-called secular parties.

All the same, this should be an eye-opener for the so-called secular parties and their leaders whose only claim to secularism lies in donning skull-caps and donning red-checked Arab scarves around their necks during Eid festivities. Such theatricals may not pay them dividends in the run-up to the 2014 General Elections.


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Comment Another reason for 'BJP's unpredicted overwhelming victory in Madhya Pradesh' may be credited to Mr. Digvijay Singh of Congress.

The formaer CM of MP is well known (in MP) and his foul mouth worked for the benefit of BJP (instead of working for the Congress) over the last 2 years.

It assumed the common citizens are dumb, they thought people would believe whatever is spoken out of those foul mouth pieces of the congress.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
12-Dec-2013 04:43 AM

Comment Indeed, this election is going to be a important event for Indian democracy in this decade, reasons are as follows, as I observed in last couple of days:

These elections saw higher voter turn-up for voting, this shows a larger mass showing will to bring up change (in Delhi and Rajasthan) and higher mass showing will to retain their current government (in Madhya Pradesh). This is very positive sign.

As the election results started coming out I noticed people from elsewhere in the country showing up interests in getting latest patterns of leads, I observed majority among my friend circles/colleagues happy seeing BJP and AAP gaining seats.

I heard a few people expressing instant reaction in the evening that they thought nothing could be done about the system, but they have got a big hope now - because of these election results of the four states.

If I am not mistaken, the coming loksabha elections will see a record voting percentage and routing of the UPA government.

And finally, I am believe Modi magic is working. 8 or 9 out of 10 people of middle class look forward for Modi to lead the country now - as I observed in year 2013 by talking to many people whom I met just once, in trains, airports, government offices, market places and other public places.

Along with this, one minor observation, which will not impact the loksabha elections of 2014 much - the rich and well-to-do class cares least about the system and poor governance ! They have higher level of ignorance about misgovernance this UPA government is involved in than a lower middle class and relatively less educated persons like taxi drivers, house painters, small kirana shop owners etc.

The BJP President took a very right step amidst opposition - by naming Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate, it changed chemistry within BJP and within India.

And BJP now better realize from mistakes of Congress - corruption eats everything, including those who spread it.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
09-Dec-2013 07:23 AM

Comment Well said.

Paul Sayal
09-Dec-2013 07:06 AM

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