Perrin - Latin for Traveler

…..although I know a few who’d say my name should’ve been Latin for ‘Stays at home, lives on the couch, doesn’t cook and streams TV serials all the time’….. but then that’s English for ‘My Friends’.

I like reminding myself of the real meaning of my name. Sometimes I even do justice to it.

Last month, true to my name, I set off on an adventure to Sri Lanka, the tail end of a continent in the Indian Ocean. I had a humble agenda too. I wanted to experience all that was not what I already knew. Now, a month later, I can proudly say that I have collected a few precious pearls of wisdom that did not cost a dime.

My friend said I should write about what I’ve learnt and know. So here I am with the pearls to share with you. Before that, let me recommend a trip there, if you can make it.
I hear these pearls shine better if you gather them yourself.

Here are a few samples from my own collection.

  • I now know the meaning of a gut-busting curry. One mouthful and you have images of Mount Vesuvius floating in your head. But if you look hard enough, there’s good in every situation. I got to read twice as much the next morning.…
  • I learnt that in Sri Lanka, the coconut is King!! Coconut rice, coconut curry, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut pancakes, coconut furniture, coconut cups, coconut candles, coconut roofs, coconut oil….you get the drift.
  • I learnt that pineapple curry confuses you. You’re left wondering whether to ask for rice or ice-cream on the side.
  • I learnt that in Sri Lanka, I was not good in bed..…Had some trouble sleeping.
  • I learnt string hoppers are not distant relatives of grass hoppers.
  • I learnt I could climb a rock 650 feet high wearing slippers even though I was told I would trip over my big feet when I refused paid help.
  • I learnt, again, that when you ask, the answer is always Yes or No. But when you don’t, it is always a No.
  • I learnt I’m a decent photographer. ‘Point and shoot’ is for noobs...
  • I learnt big ‘golas’ of elephant poop are used to make paper and they call it POO PAPER. I shudder to think what they make when it is ‘runny’….
  • I learnt the only way to gain some sort of calm in a world that is moving too fast is to learn to slow down.
  • I learnt Sri Lankans are nice people. Even if they say “Yes” to “What is your name?”
  • I learnt that the friendliest people are not the ones who say the most. If that was the case then the best singer would’ve been the one who sang the loudest and the greatest sculptor, the one who made the biggest sculpture.
  • I learnt that sometimes it takes going to a third-world country to deal with baggage living a life of luxury and comfort has brought on.
  • I learnt that Bryan Adams pleading for forgiveness in the background for hours in the car did not result in him getting any from me.
  • I learnt that I turned into a head-bobbing Indian in Sri Lanka.
  • I learnt the value of solitude in a world that can’t sit still.

And finally, I learnt that the unexpected turns on my journey brought me more joy than sticking to the planned path.

Here’s to more learning….Cheers!


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