Sting Operations, Man-woman Attraction

and Recent Rape Law

Sting Operation is the most uncivilized, uncultured and deplorable act.

Every human being, man or woman will have two faces. One for the public and other in private. It is not pleasant civilization to conceive and implement sting operations on various individuals. To conduct sting operations and later reveal to public the "real" face of the individual is deplorable in the least. It is betraying the trust  the individual put on you. Even though many journalists claim they are doing that in public interest, such an act is not defensible.

The sting operation conducted by Tehelka on Bangaru Lakshman, the erstwhile president of BJP for just a lakh of rupees has ruined the personality and career of Mr Lakshman. And now we have been observing with surprise and interest the selfie sting operation conducted by the Tehelka chief on himself.

It is easy to take high moral stand and deceive people in private to show their despicable faces. This Tehelka episode informs us that the privacy of the individuals must be respected. If one does all these in public one must be taken to task. But for not what happened in the confines of the privacy and on unsuspecting individuals. I repeat, even though the operations are in public interest, the individual must not be made a laughing stock in the public. And also to take high moral stands in public is not wise. We do not know when it boomrangs on us. All humans, men or women are frail and weak in mind and are vulnerable always. This reality must be had in mind before denouncing the victims of sting operations - conducted by others or by ourselves (the selfies).

Every one may enjoy the embarrassment experienced by the victim individual of sting operation. All of us must respect individual's dignity, whether he/she is a politician, journalist, corporate lobbyist, corporate chief or any. If we start revealing the inside of every celebrity or ordinary person, like this, none can withstand the high moral rigor expected of individuals. And what one did years back and digging it for public amusement and sadistic pleasure  is wrong. If it is so against the public interest necessary legal measures can be taken. But humiliating a person for what is done  in private in full trust by making it public is not good for any one - the sting operator or victim of the operation.

Also "revealing" sexual assaults by men on  women very much later after it happened is really nonsense. If one is really aggrieved why one must be silent for so long a time, in some cases up to years together? The recent changes in law on rape have given rise to situations very much disadvantageous to men. How much the act helps the victims of dastardly rape is a mute point to be reflected on. Revealing things of privacy in public after so much time casts doubts on the intentions of the "assault" victims. When touching or talking romantically or any such gestures at work places with mala-fide intentions can be and have to be dealt with in the necessary way but not by making them public.

The man-woman attraction is a natural force and all men who are romantic are not rapists. The rape law is highly loaded against men. Many times it can be used to settle personal scores as the domestic violence act is being misused. This should not be construed that the author is for rape but man-woman attraction can not suddenly disappear just because we made an act and it will not become illegal just we - men and women - have come in proximity to each other because of various reasons.

 Also a man should not talk endearingly or aesthetically or admiringly or appreciatively or glorifying the beauty of a woman - as many bloggers are presently saying - the natural attraction which is the result millions of years of evolution of the species for reproduction cannot suddenly disappear or gets dissolved just because we decided to keep men and women nearer for various purposes. Even though the men are criticized for their chauvinism or old ways of "dealing" with women, it is impossible to make seers out of normal men without any education or instruction during school days. Biochemistry always wins over biophysics. Publication of everything private is of no use in solving the problem of rapes or males' orientation of females. Let us not try to implement impossible acts and denounce the evolutionary aspects of homo sapiens.

Intellect cannot score over emotion. Law cannot prevent atrocities against women or any. Cultured and civilized education only can ensure proper behavior among men or women. And every one has liberty to express oneself using one's intuition, observation and study of realities and happenings.
All said and done one must realize that woman is the sweetest feeling of man by nature, because of nature and biological evolution and reasons.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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