The Unbearable and Unnatural Burden on Men!

It has become a fashion now a days to accuse men of achievement and grandness of rape (according to recent definition) and the concerned women are playing with not only the prestige and name and fame of the individuals, are playing hide and seek leaking information through others and still not giving a legal complaint to the police so that further action can be taken. Meanwhile media and rest of the society are making public comments tearing the individual's personality and privacy and are passing judgements even before a formal complaint is registered. This is not a good practice.

This indiscretion of those men is compared with the doings of murderers, criminals and the like anti-social elements and the eminence of the individual and yeoman service rendered to the nation otherwise are given least consideration. Every individual is frail; this fact is not at all realized by any of these moral-upholders as if they are seers or saints or saadhwees in their private or public lives - these criticizing men or women.

How many of these who are reveling in the accusation of eminent men of "rape" are pure and cent percent moral by themselves? We already have the public demonstration of the Tehelka hypocrisy when the individuals who took high moral stand in public regarding exposing others in sting operations  are themselves have committed selfies like sting operations and are suffering. Why society is  so cruel to men who are otherwise successful and eminent and served the nation so well. The definition of "rape" in recent rape law is highly moralistic sans reality and understanding natural traits of male homo sapiens and expect them to be seers and saints. Even seers and saints have been frail and weak in front of fair sex. Why this natural urge is not given any notice and importance?

Even though many do not agree it is asking for moon from men to be seers and saints in front of women in isolation. One likes it or not it is just impossible and not just very difficult. Can you prevent water flowing down when falling from a height? we must makes acts which are based on reality that human beings are also animals and desire sex (may be men only) because of hormones and not of any other cause or reason. If we ignore this reality and profess and preach morals, they are bound to be not followed by any.

We are bearing the corruption and other intransigents of all politicians and other criminal minded citizens so easily for various reason. Why we prowl on gentlemen for one indiscretion and move earth and heaven as if we are custodians of morality when none of us is perfectly morally in reality? This witch-hunting of eminent citizens on highly unnatural and simplistic "rape" definitions must stop. Give respect to man's nature and create atmosphere accordingly. By writing all this the author is not siding heinous and dastardly rapes.

But indiscretions of highly successful and eminent men can not be and should not blown out of proportions and debate and discuss it day in and day out when the "victims" are not coming forward to even register a complaint against the "accused". You want to save the honor other charger by keeping the name secret. Then why you pass judgements on the "accused" when no legal process has even started? What is going on? Men also have same right not be known till the judgement by the court is pronounced. Why the media and official individuals are resorting to character assassination even before a formal complaint is given? It is neither natural justice nor courtesy to the men "accused" of rape. Let us review our definition of rape. Else we put ourselves in more confusion and chaos.

Romantic mood of a man for a woman is passing. And, yes, definitely the men should control themselves in the midst of the proximity with women of so many hues who meet them in all isolated and public places on official and public work. But the serious accusation of "rape" cannot be made for indiscretion. Better we reflect on this. Else the present rape definition and act enacted in this regard will be a unbearable burden on the society and just not on men. The society must know what is rape and what is not. The natural urge in men the result of hormonal secretions, natural selection and biological evolution for reproduction must be respected.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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